J Brand Coated Red, Blue Satchel & Zebra Print

I wore this outfit on Saturday last week and I love how it turned out. I used to like pairing red, black and white with leopard, but this time I opted for something different and decided to pair it with zebra! You might remember these jeans from this post, thankfully they are a lot more comfortable to wear now that I’ve worn them quite a few times. I love them! I also decided the blue satchel would really pop against the colours.

I’m wearing my J Brand 901 Coated Red leggings, an ASOS cream top, blue Satchel and Mouse ring, a Topshop black Biker jacket, a Zara Zebra and Berry scarf and my River Island black wedge boots.

What do you think of my outfit? I would actually say that I still have an obsession with red jeans, especially coated ones. I think they are so chic and definitely one of my favourite trends since last year. Also, just to let you know a bit in advance, I am planning to switch over to self hosting soon so I can accept sponsors and things like that as I have been getting a few requests! I’m excited about it and can’t wait! I will let you know when that’s planned!

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Some New Clothes Purchases

Over the past couple of months, I have acquired some new purchases, so I thought I would share them with you all in one big post. A couple of items you have already seen, like the denim shirt, grey denim leggings and the studded ombre jumper/sweater, but the rest I haven’t yet shared with you.

So from left to right in the top image is a pink jumper/sweater I got in the sale from Topshop, a nude shirt with neon pink piping from the sale in Miss Selfridge, orange Earnest Sewn jeans which I got given to review, a yellow Zara blazer I purchased in London last month, mint leggings from Miss Selfridge, Topshop denim and crochet shorts and some lilac leggings from Miss Selfridge.

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This is just a close up photo so you can see the details and fabrics a little better than the far away image at the top. Plus, I love to see such bright colours laid out next to each other as it’s so pretty to look at!

The sequin pair of denim shorts above are from Topshop and I love them! They are the pair I fell in love with from the press day last year (which you can see here) so I definitely needed them as a part of my closet when they became available. I haven’t had chance to wear them yet, but I can’t wait to!

Above are a pair of Aztec leggings from Miss Selfridge which I also fell in love with! I think they are so much fun! Also a black PU Leather sleeveless jacket from Topshop and a glitter feather necklace from the store too, which was in the sale for £1.50! I definitely couldn’t not buy it!

So these are all of my new purchases, some are sale items and others aren’t, but since I mainly shop at high street stores, nothing is overly expensive at all, which is perfect for me! Have you bought anything new lately? What do you like the most and can’t wait to see in one of my outfit posts?

The Tan Leather Jacket

I wore this outfit on Friday when I went to the cinema to watch The Lucky One, starring Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling. I have been excited for this movie to come out for ages because it’s a beautiful story. I think the movie was really good, not my favourite, I prefer Dear John from Nicholas Sparks to The Lucky One, but it was really romantic and lovely! Although, I feel like no good movies came out for ages and now they all seem to be popping up at once!

I was wearing my Current/Elliott skinny jeans, my new Zara tan PU Leather jacket, an ASOS cream top, my Topshop Leopard scarf and my River Island Moccasins and Bag.

I bought this tan leather style jacket a few weeks ago when I was attending a mini fashion show in Bristol (I still need to post those photos). I think it’s so pretty! I usually stick to black for these types of jackets, but I think tan is a refreshing change. I decided to keep a really simple and casual outfit here as usually I like to wear a lot of colour or prints, but the days where I keep things simple, sometimes I love them just as much, if not more! Did you all have a nice weekend? Have you watched The Lucky One yet?

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Some Quick Snaps From Somerset House In London

Since the London trips are pretty much planned down to the last minute, I don’t really have any time to take photos of anything else other than the collections. It literally involves going from the train, into a taxi, to the location, into a taxi, to another location and so on until I get in a taxi and go to Paddington Station to get back on the train to come home.

However, when I was at Somerset House, the location was so beautiful I had to snap a few quick photos on my way out. Somerset House is actually the location where they hold most of the London Fashion Week shows, so I was very excited to visit it and check it out. It’s a beautiful place and I got to see Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and the London Eye again while travelling in a taxi!

I was wearing my Diesel Jeggings, my Topshop white jumper/sweater and bag, my Zara coat, my River Island pastel scarf and my Sam Edelman Petty booties.

Luckily, while I was inside Somerset House seeing the new AW12 styles, it was pouring down with rain, but when it was time to leave, the sun came out and it dried up. It’s just a shame the second time around that I was in London, I wasn’t as lucky and did get soaked. Anyway, have any of you been to Somerset House before? And I hope you are enjoying my AW12 posts!

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In Love With Dip Dye Ombre

My River Island Men’s Ombre Denim Shirt.

As you probably know, one of my favourite trends at the moment (and one I have always been fond of) is ombre or dip dye. I think it’s beautiful and it adds so much character and fun to a piece of clothing. I’m obsessed with colour and most of my outfits, if not all of them, do contain a lot of brights, so having 2 variations of colour in a pair of jeans or a shirt really makes me smile. Especially as the shades transition into each other nicely.

I’ve included some of my favourite pieces that I found online and some inspiration of dip dye ombre that Andy wore in the outfit below. I love how she mixed both of the dip dye ombre pieces together instead of just wearing one. I also adore the frilly dress and the bright trousers. The shirts are gorgeous and classic and the shorts, I have always loved those since I saw them about a year ago. I love the mix of turquoise and lilac. It’s beautiful! Do you love the trend too?

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The wonderful Andy Torres from Style Scrapbook.

Zara Frilly Graduated Colour Dress.

Zara Dip Dye Print Shirt.

Zara Dip Dye Front Pleat Trousers.

Zara Dip Dye Denim Shirt.

RunwayDreamz Dip Dye Denim Shorts.

Burgundy Blazers & Black Coated Leggings

An outfit with no jeans! I’m sure that’s what some of you may be thinking, ha ha! This is what I put together for the weekend when I went to lunch with my boyfriend. I’ve always loved the waxed black leggings look, I think they are really classic!

I’m wearing Miss Selfridge black coated leggings, my Zara burgundy blazer, my Topshop leopard scarf and bag, an ASOS long sleeved top and my ASH Jeff boots.

I fell in love with this bag the moment I saw it! I love the way it combines all of the classic and neutral colours together. My boyfriend bought it for me for Valentines Day and I was so happy! This time I have also included some photos of my lunch! I had pizza, but I don’t have cheese on my pizzas, so I just sprinkled the dry parmesan on it, which I don’t mind as it doesn’t hurt my stomach.

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Zebra’s & Berries

These are just a quick few snaps of my outfit that I wore two weekends ago to lunch with my boyfriend. It was fairly cold, so this outfit has a mix of things going on like zebra print, neon yellow, denim, suede and my berry coloured princess style coat.

I was wearing my Topshop coat, Hudson Nico skinny jeans, my Zara leopard print scarf, my ASOS neon yellow bag and my Sam Edelman Petty booties.

I think these boots have quickly become one of my favourites. I wear them so much now, they are comfortable and I love them. Don’t forget to enter my Sunglasses Shop giveaway! It’s ending in a couple of days and it’s free to enter, so click here to take part.

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The Pink Blazer

What usually happens with me, when it comes to clothes, is I have something in my wardrobe that I had a year or so ago and haven’t worn in ages, then I pull it out again and seem to wear it quite a few times. Case in point, my pink blazer. I just love how it fits and how bright it is. It really brightens up any outfit and it goes with any blue jeans!

I’m wearing my Zara pink blazer, myMiH Vienna jeans, an ASOS long sleeved top, a Topshop cream scarf, Urban Outfitters loafer wedges and my Marc by Marc Jacobs Percy bag in Berry Haze.

I am so eager for Spring to finally be here. Summer is the best part of the year and I can’t wait for it to start getting warmer in Spring so I can wear my floral dresses and denim shorts. I get cold so easily so I love the heat! It doesn’t really make sense that I live in England since I really dislike cold weather, ha ha! So what do you think of the outfit? Do you like it?

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