Coach & Nicholas Kirkwood – Autumn/Winter 2012 Press Day

Finally here are the photos from the new Coach Autumn/Winter 2012 Press Day and the Nicholas Kirkwood Autumn/Winter 2012 Press Day. I saw both of these collections on different days during my London trips last month and I loved them!

I’ve never owned anything from Coach, but I have always loved the fact that they are not afraid to use bright colours and make their accessories fun! I also adore Nicholas Kirkwood, the shoes are generally always amazing and unique, but again I haven’t owned anything from them. I have included the writing about the collections under the sets of photos for each brand within this post. So what do you think of the new Autumn/Winter 2012 collections from Coach and Nicholas Kirkwood?

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My Wardrobe Staples & Essentials

I mentioned before that I would share my wardrobe staples with you, so here they are. These are the things that are essential to me and items that I couldn’t really put outfits together without!


I think a blazer is one of the top pieces of clothing that everyone should own! I actually have quite a few blazers and as long as I get the fit right on them and they are flattering, then I’m all set. They can dress just about any outfit up. My two favourites are my black one from Topshop as it’s the most versatile and my burgundy one from Zara as it’s fun and adds colour to my looks.


Living in England means that a coat is pretty essential. The weather is often cold and this new one that I got from Topshop is my favourite one. It’s flattering because it’s nipped in at the waist but it’s also very girly with the skirted area. The colour is also perfect for winter. I feel the cold so easy so I honestly couldn’t be without a coat!

Leather Jacket.

I don’t like the real leather jackets so I prefer to choose the faux leather option. A black biker jacket is something that I wear often, especially in the spring and autumn. It’s one of my go to jackets and it just matches everything. It’s easy to pair with everything from jeans and shorts to dresses and skirts. It’s just a jacket that’s really easy wearing and I love it. You can just grab it as you go out and it will work.

Classic Skinny Jeans.

You all know how obsessed with jeans I am so I can’t just pick one specific pair. I find having a pair of dark jeans, a medium wash and then a light wash are definitely essentials! The dark washes make a more smarter outfit and are more versatile while the light washes are more casual, but the medium washes are somewhere in between. I always pick skinny jeans though for essentials. I live in them and it’s very rare that you find me without jeans. I think it’s safe to say I wear a pair of jeans about 350 days of the year. Ha ha.

Fun Jeans.

Fun jeans are always important to me. When I don’t feel like wearing normal blue jeans I choose to wear coloured denim or faux leather jeans. The coloured denim is just amazing to me. It brightens up any outfit and I love wearing bold colours. I like reds, purples and blues the most. Well, those are the colours I own, but I would love a yellow pair as well! Now for the faux leather jeans, I find those to be needed. They give that rocker feel but they are also what I call sexy jeans, for obvious reasons ha ha. They are easy to pair with many things and I think they just give an edge to an outfit.


A leopard print scarf to me is the must have scarf. I am pretty sure if I could only have one scarf I would pick a leopard print one. I have a lot of scarves because like I mentioned, I feel the cold easily, so having something around my neck really keeps me warm, but I also find the scarves tend to pull any outfit together. I love that they just add something different and colourful to your outfit. They help make an otherwise plain outfit, really interesting. Coloured scarves and neutral ones are equally as important.

Clutch Bags.

Clutch bags are the bags I will always pick as long as they have a long strap handle. I don’t like the heavier bigger bags like totes etc because they tend to hurt my arms and I get fed up of carrying them. One I would definitely call my essential would be my Mulberry Alexa Clutch in Powder Sparkle Tweed, but I also love my Marc by Marc Jacobs bags. The clutch bags never swamp or over power an outfit and they don’t feel too big for my frame either. They are perfect to me and I never carry a lot of items with me so they are generally the perfect size too.


This would be way too hard to pick just one pair so I think having a pair of nude and black heels are an absolute must, but I also love brightly coloured heels because they make an outfit pop. Shoes are a weakness of mine though, but as long as I have stiletto platforms then I think they make every outfit much more feminine and sexy. I love heels with mary jane straps as well because they feel more secure on my feet.


Ankle boots to me are perfect! They keep your feet warm and they look great for the autumn/winter time of year. Whether I pick heeled ankle boots or flat ones, they are definitely an essential to me. I actually live in my flat ones a lot. I don’t have any good photos of them though as they are shoes I always wear for errands and things like that, but I can’t live without flat boots. Wedges also, especially the Urban Outfitters ones above, those are like a shoe wedge and they are so classic. They go with all of my jeans which is definitely a must and the colour is very neutral .

So these are all of my wardrobe staples. What are some of yours?

New Shoes

I thought I would share a few recent shoe purchases with you! I love the mid season sales and all of these were on sale. What new shoes have you bought lately? As you know, I am a shoe addict, just like I am with my denim so I can never have enough shoes! Ha ha!

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I got this pair from Urban Outfitters last week and can’t get enough of them! They remind me of a boating shoe but they have a huge wedge to them so they are really cute. They are quite comfy too since they are not very steep. I love them with flares!

I also got these in the sale at Urban Outfitters. These remind me more of a smart shoe with the enclosed heel and the detail as well as the peep toe. They are suprisingly comfy as well and I love them with shorts or jeans!

Lastly I got these today! They are the Ash Hysteria Boots from Spartoo. I have always had a thing for Ash shoes and cowboy style boots but never really found a pair I liked. These ones definitely are to my liking since they have studs and gems on the buckles! They are really comfy too!