My Sam Edelman Studded Pax Booties

Do you remember a really long time ago, back in September 2010, I said I was obsessed with the Sam Edelman Studded Pax booties, but I couldn’t afford the price of them? Well, about 4 months ago they appeared on Gilt Groupe at a heavily discounted price during a Sam Edelman sale and I snapped them up in an instant! I was so beyond excited about getting them!

The shipping took quite a while since they came from America, but they were worth the wait! I think I got them about a month and a half after ordering them, but I couldn’t be happier. I already adore my Sam Edelman Petty booties, so it’s great to add these to my boot collection! I’ve worn them twice so far and can’t wait to wear them more! I don’t even mind that they are quite heavy. Do you love them too?

Also, as a side note, tomorrow is the day I am transitioning over to self hosted. There shouldn’t be any downtime during the change over, but if there are any glitches or anything, don’t worry as it’s only temporary. I’m not sure if any comments left tomorrow will be affected by the change though. I hope not!

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Some Quick Snaps From Somerset House In London

Since the London trips are pretty much planned down to the last minute, I don’t really have any time to take photos of anything else other than the collections. It literally involves going from the train, into a taxi, to the location, into a taxi, to another location and so on until I get in a taxi and go to Paddington Station to get back on the train to come home.

However, when I was at Somerset House, the location was so beautiful I had to snap a few quick photos on my way out. Somerset House is actually the location where they hold most of the London Fashion Week shows, so I was very excited to visit it and check it out. It’s a beautiful place and I got to see Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and the London Eye again while travelling in a taxi!

I was wearing my Diesel Jeggings, my Topshop white jumper/sweater and bag, my Zara coat, my River Island pastel scarf and my Sam Edelman Petty booties.

Luckily, while I was inside Somerset House seeing the new AW12 styles, it was pouring down with rain, but when it was time to leave, the sun came out and it dried up. It’s just a shame the second time around that I was in London, I wasn’t as lucky and did get soaked. Anyway, have any of you been to Somerset House before? And I hope you are enjoying my AW12 posts!

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Neon Rain

Like I mentioned in one of my previous posts, the rain has been constant every day. It’s made taking outfit photos quite difficult as I have either had to dodge the rain showers or go out with an umbrella. Despite it being really gloomy and damp, I decided to brighten up my day with neons. I’ve grown so fond of the trend and this neon pink jumper/sweater is actually one of my favourites as I’m sure you can tell!

I’m wearing my 7 For All Mankind jeans, my Topshop Neon Pink Jumper/Sweater and neon necklace, my ASOS neon yellow bag and neon pink watch, some New Look and my own DIY rainbow bracelets, my Sam Edelman Petty booties and a Lulu Guinness floral umbrella.

It’s mine and my boyfriends 4 year anniversary coming up this Friday, so we have a couple of things planned for that day which I’m excited about. I can’t believe it’s been 4 years! I have also acquired a few new clothes over the past 2 months, which I plan on sharing with you soon! It involves my new found love for leggings, some jackets and a couple of jumpers/sweaters! I have one final London trip planned this week too, then I don’t have to go for a while! Hopefully I can dodge the rain showers then too! If I’m lucky! How are you all anyway? Do you like my neon outfit?

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Zebra’s & Berries

These are just a quick few snaps of my outfit that I wore two weekends ago to lunch with my boyfriend. It was fairly cold, so this outfit has a mix of things going on like zebra print, neon yellow, denim, suede and my berry coloured princess style coat.

I was wearing my Topshop coat, Hudson Nico skinny jeans, my Zara leopard print scarf, my ASOS neon yellow bag and my Sam Edelman Petty booties.

I think these boots have quickly become one of my favourites. I wear them so much now, they are comfortable and I love them. Don’t forget to enter my Sunglasses Shop giveaway! It’s ending in a couple of days and it’s free to enter, so click here to take part.

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Hints Of Neon In The Snow

Here is the outfit that I said I would share with you after showing you the snow photos yesterday. I decided to call it hints of neon because I only had a little bit of my jumper/sweater showing and the neon yellow bag is very small. As you know, I absolutely love the neon trend, so I am having fun finding ways to style the brights. I think simplicity and small doses are the key, otherwise it’s too much.

I’m wearing 7 For All Mankind jeans, an ASOS long sleeved t-shirt and neon yellow bag, my Topshop neon pink jumper, cream scarf and pink gloves, my Zara coat, a River Island hat and my Sam Edelman Petty booties.

Even with all of these layers it was still freezing! This jumper is one of the warmest ones I own though, it actually kept my top half warm. Isn’t the snow beautiful? It was definitely fun taking photos amongst all of the snow. I didn’t even mind that it was getting in my hair and making it knotty, ha ha. I was worried about my boots though! Luckily they don’t have any marks on them. What do you think of my outfit?

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CLOSED! WIN A FREE Pair Of Sam Edelman Petty Boots!

This contest is now closed and the winner is Sarah Heckle! Congratulations!

I have teamed up with the wonderful shoe brand, Sam Edelman, to give you readers the chance to win a pair of Sam Edelman Petty booties! Ever since I posted about the pair I bought, so many of you commented on how much you liked them, so I thought this would make a fantastic giveaway for you all! There are 3 choices of colours, Putty (like mine), black and leopard print! The boots are absolutely amazing and I can’t get enough of mine!

All you have to do to enter this contest is become a fan of the Sam Edelman and Raindrops of Sapphire FaceBook pages (click names to like) and then leave a comment on this blog post with your FaceBook name stating which colour you like most and why you should win. It’s as simple as that!

The contest will be open worldwide for 10 days and will close on the 3rd February 2012. As it’s worldwide, anyone can enter, but if any taxes/customs are encountered during shipping, those will be the winners responsibility. The one lucky winner will be chosen by Sam Edelman after the closing date. Colours and sizes are also subject to availability. A huge thank you to Sam Edelman for holding this contest with me and good luck to everyone who enters! Be sure to let your friends know about this giveaway too!

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Coated Red Jeans & Layers

I’m finally feeling a lot better so I was able to take some outfit photos when I was out yesterday. I went for lunch with my boyfriend and we had a look around the shops at the sale items. I picked up a few little things like a necklace, bracelet, a clutch and a card holder all for under £20, so I was quite happy with that.

I’m wearing Hudson coated red skinny jeans, a H&M t-shirt, a Topshop knitted jumper/sweater, leopard scarf and mustard mittens, a Zara coat, my Marc by Marc Jacobs Karlie and my new Sam Edelman Petty booties.

It has been freezing lately so wrapping up warm with layers has been essential. I really can’t stand the cold and really I should be used to it living over here in England. I was suprised at how warm these boots made my feet though! I usually have freezing feet, but they were warm in these! I’m also obsessed with coated red jeans and I love these ones! I received them as a Christmas present from Hudson. What do you think of the outfit? I find red jeans always make an outfit stand out!

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My New Sam Edelman Petty Booties

As you know from my Christmas wish list that I made a couple of weeks ago, I have wanted the Sam Edelman Petty booties in Putty for a while. As they were pretty expensive, I never expected to get them for Christmas at all, but I decided that I might buy them as a late Christmas present to myself! So last week, after having them in my basket on Shopbop for a couple of months, I hit the purchase button and I got them in the mail! I love Shopbop because it’s free international shipping and you can pay your customs/taxes at the checkout, so there is no hold up on the delivery!

Anyway, I didn’t know what to think of these when I first put them on though. They are super comfortable and cut really nicely. They look amazing from the front, but because I have bigger feet and quite small legs, they make my feet look really long from the side. I wore them around the house for quite some time to try and get used to it and in the end I just figured that if I love them so much, does it really matter that they look awkward from the side? My mum pointed out to me that it’s not like I walk sideways, ha ha, so I kept them! I’m glad I did too! Here they are and I will be wearing them in one of my next outfit posts! Do any of you own the Petty’s?

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