Mint Green

I got the chance to collaborate with the online store Zalando, in which I got to choose a few items to style for my blog. One of those that I picked was this classic Levi’s Denim Trucker Jacket which I adore! The funny thing was, I didn’t actually own a regular blue Levi’s denim jacket, I have a patchwork one, but not one like this, so now I am thankful I can add this to my closet!

I paired the Levi’s denim jacket with mint green and double denim. I wasn’t so sure on mint green at first because I thought it might be too pale for me, but as it turns out I really like the colour. I also thought I would make this look a little different in pairing the denim jacket with a denim shirt. I’ve not worn double denim in this combination before. I think the yellow clutch makes the outfit pop too! What do you think?

I’m wearing a Levi’s denim jacket, a MiH denim shirt, Miss Selfridge mint leggings, my Kurt Geiger Eleanor nude heels and my Marc by Marc Jacobs Dandelion Karlie.

Also, Zalando actually have their own range of Zalando shoes as well as stocking loads of different premium brands like Diesel, Jeffrey Campbell, Ash, 7 For All Mankind and more! I will be showing you another piece that I got from Zalando next month! I’m excited about the next one. I just need some warmer weather!

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Falling For Blossom From Marc By Marc Jacobs

I first saw the Marc by Marc Jacobs Karlie clutch in Blossom last year as a pre-order on Luisaviaroma. I instantly fell in love with it then because the Karlie is one of my favourites (I have it in Dandelion). I was recently browsing Shopbop, like I do almost every day, and all of the new Blossom bags are out!

I’ve featured my favourites here, the Lil Ukita (above), the Karlie (image 2), the Phone Wallet (image 3) and the Fold Over Purse (image 4) and I am currently saving up for one! Pink is my all time favourite colour and I think the Karlie is the one I want. I do love the Lil Ukita, but it seems like it’s just too big for me. The Phone Wallet is also really cool, I’ve been seeing a lot of them about lately, but I just couldn’t justify the price on it. If only I had tonnes of money! All of these bags and more Blossom styles are available on where I got these images.

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Florals, Boat Shoes & Geraniums

I am so happy that the weather is warm! The sun has been shining for quite a few days now and the temperature is warm enough to not need a jacket anymore. I decided to wear a spring inspired outfit of florals and reds and I really like how it turned out. This cardigan is quite old, I have had it over a year now, but I adore the girly floral print. The jeans wash is also called Geranium so that adds to the floral effect! My boat shoes were the right colour combination to match too!

I’m wearing Joe’s Jeans, a Miss Selfridge floral cardigan, my H&M white t-shirt and gold bangles, my Disney Couture Apple ring, my Topshop Boat shoes and my new Marc by Marc Jacobs Bars & Bells bag in Scarlet.

I’m hoping this weather holds out for quite some time, I don’t want it to go cold again! I also don’t want us to have a super early summer like we did last year and then no warm weather it’s supposed to be warm. I’m headed to London very soon, in a few days, for some press events and I’m excited about it. I always like seeing the new collections. Did you have a nice weekend? Do you like the outfit I chose?

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My New Marc by Marc Jacobs Bars & Bells Bag in Scarlet

You may have remembered (when I showed my bag collection to you here) that I mentioned there was a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag that had caught my eye and I planned to buy. This is it! It’s the Marc by Marc Jacobs Bars & Bells Cross Body Bag in Scarlet. I have always been looking for the perfect red bag, since I didn’t own any shade of red in a bag at all, and I think this is it! I usually like to go for the deeper reds, the more richer and classier colours, but I fell in love with this bag. The colour reminds me a lot of poppies, but it’s a little more red since poppies have an orange undertone to them and this bag doesn’t.

It’s a little bigger than the usual size I go for, which is what I wanted as sometimes I do need a bigger bag, but it’s not too big and it’s not heavy at all! I’m no good with heavy bags! I love its simplicity, there is minimal hardware and the closure is magnetic. It’s adorable! Plus it has a super fun lining! Much more bright than my other Marc by Marc Jacobs bags! I bought it from here as that’s the only place that stocks it at the moment. I looked for it everywhere else and couldn’t find it anywhere! That’s ok though since I adore Shopbop! It comes in Navy and a colour block Black and White too. I can’t wait to wear it soon and show you in an outfit post! What do you think of it?

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My Bag Collection

As promised here is my bag collection to celebrate my blogs 2nd birthday which was on 10th March 2012. It took me a while to do these photos because I didn’t realise how many bags I had! I think I might have too many actually! I put them in two different piles, one being non designer bags (which make up most of my collection) and the other is my designer bags. I have also included some close up photos of all of the bags in this post too.

Above photo from left to right is:
1st row – River Island, Topshop, River Island, Topshop.
2nd row – Topshop, ASOS, River Island, Topshop, River Island.
3rd row – Peruna, Topshop, Topshop, ASOS, Topshop.
4th row – Urban Outfitters, River Island, ASOS, FCUK, Topshop.
5th row – Mary  Frances, Mary Frances and AVON.

I realised after making this post that I seem to love Topshop and River Island bags. They do make up most of my collection because I think they are cute and they are not expensive either!

Now on to my designer bags (below), which I have collected 7 over the past couple of years now. The best part is I never paid the retail amount for any of them except my Mulberry Pink Denim Lily and the MbMJ Dandelion Karlie. The Mulberry one I saved for months for! I am going to list these individually and where I got them from.

Top left is my Marc Jacobs Bruna. I got this from The Outnet back in 2010 with 70% off the retail price!

Top right is my Marc Jacobs Sonic Pouch. I got this also from The Outnet when they had their birthday sale. The most amazing part is I got it for only… £2!! Everything was £2 in their birthday sale so I was so excited to snap it up.

Bottom left is my Mulberry Oak Lily. I got this from an authentic seller on eBay for a good deal! I haven’t yet shared this one with you either.

Middle is my Mulberry Sparkle Tweed Alexa. I got this one from the Mulberry Factory Shop last summer at 70% off the retail price too.

Middle right is my Marc by Marc Jacobs Berry Haze Percy. I bought this from Shopbop with a 20% off code.

Bottom middle is my Marc by Marc Jacobs Dandelion Karlie. I bought this at the beginning of last year from Net-A-Porter. I fell in love with it and it has been one of my most used bags.

Bottom right is my Mulberry Candy Pink Quilted Denim Lily. I bought this from the Mulberry website not long ago and I am obsessed with it! I am so glad I saved for it!

So this is how my bag collection currently stands! I have tonnes and unfortunately there are more that I want, but those have to wait until I have saved. I think I have saved enough for another Marc by Marc Jacobs bag I want. It’s not too expensive, so it’s definitely manageable soon! The only other expensive one I want is the Mulberry Taylor in Deer Brown. I am waiting for that to appear at the Mulberry Factory Shop in a few months so I can get it really cheap! Hopefully it does! What do you think of the collection? Be sure to click this post to see all of the photos.

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The Pink Blazer

What usually happens with me, when it comes to clothes, is I have something in my wardrobe that I had a year or so ago and haven’t worn in ages, then I pull it out again and seem to wear it quite a few times. Case in point, my pink blazer. I just love how it fits and how bright it is. It really brightens up any outfit and it goes with any blue jeans!

I’m wearing my Zara pink blazer, myMiH Vienna jeans, an ASOS long sleeved top, a Topshop cream scarf, Urban Outfitters loafer wedges and my Marc by Marc Jacobs Percy bag in Berry Haze.

I am so eager for Spring to finally be here. Summer is the best part of the year and I can’t wait for it to start getting warmer in Spring so I can wear my floral dresses and denim shorts. I get cold so easily so I love the heat! It doesn’t really make sense that I live in England since I really dislike cold weather, ha ha! So what do you think of the outfit? Do you like it?

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Feather & Snake Print Leggings

These are my feather and snake print leggings that I bought last week after falling in love with them! I don’t really wear leggings that much, as I am sure you have noticed, because it’s rare I can find pretty cotton ones, but after I finally came to the realization of pairing the non cotton ones over a cotton pair, I’m hooked! Gosh knows how it took me so long to figure that out though, ha ha!

I’m wearing my Topshop quilted biker jacket and cream scarf, Miss Selfridge leggings and black dress with a H&M white t-shirt over the top, my Marc by Marc Jacobs Percy bag and my KG by Kurt Geiger boots.

This is the outfit that I wore to the cinema over the weekend. I watched Haywire, which isn’t something I would usually watch, but my boyfriend wanted to see it so I didn’t mind. I actually quite liked it despite the amount of violence! Also, don’t forget to enter my Sam Edelman Petty Boots giveaway that I am running right now! I’m loving reading the entries, they are so creative!

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Blue, White & Fuchsia

This is an outfit that I put together on the spur of the moment. I wanted something classic and smart, but with a big pop of colour which is why I decided on fuchsia. I couldn’t decid which bag to wear though, I was stuck between my Marc Jacobs Bruna and my new sparkly clutch I picked up in the sale at Urban Outfitters. The clutch went with my shoes more, but I know so many people love the Bruna. In the end I think I decided on the clutch being a better option. Which do you prefer?

I was wearing my Hudson Nico skinny jeans, a Topshop pink tank top and cream blazer, a Swarovski Panda necklace that my boyfriend bought me for Christmas, my Azendi Carousel ring, Adele Marie bangle, AVON beaded bracelets and my Christian Louboutin Declic heels in Cramberry.

As I was taking photos of the heels and clutch together, my adorable cat decided she wanted to be in on it, so she sat right next to them. I think she loves Louboutins too! Also, I think this clutch is actually supposed to be a laptop case, but I don’t want to use it as that, it looks much better as a purse! Ha ha.

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