The Tan Leather Jacket

I wore this outfit on Friday when I went to the cinema to watch The Lucky One, starring Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling. I have been excited for this movie to come out for ages because it’s a beautiful story. I think the movie was really good, not my favourite, I prefer Dear John from Nicholas Sparks to The Lucky One, but it was really romantic and lovely! Although, I feel like no good movies came out for ages and now they all seem to be popping up at once!

I was wearing my Current/Elliott skinny jeans, my new Zara tan PU Leather jacket, an ASOS cream top, my Topshop Leopard scarf and my River Island Moccasins and Bag.

I bought this tan leather style jacket a few weeks ago when I was attending a mini fashion show in Bristol (I still need to post those photos). I think it’s so pretty! I usually stick to black for these types of jackets, but I think tan is a refreshing change. I decided to keep a really simple and casual outfit here as usually I like to wear a lot of colour or prints, but the days where I keep things simple, sometimes I love them just as much, if not more! Did you all have a nice weekend? Have you watched The Lucky One yet?

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My Wardrobe Staples & Essentials

I mentioned before that I would share my wardrobe staples with you, so here they are. These are the things that are essential to me and items that I couldn’t really put outfits together without!


I think a blazer is one of the top pieces of clothing that everyone should own! I actually have quite a few blazers and as long as I get the fit right on them and they are flattering, then I’m all set. They can dress just about any outfit up. My two favourites are my black one from Topshop as it’s the most versatile and my burgundy one from Zara as it’s fun and adds colour to my looks.


Living in England means that a coat is pretty essential. The weather is often cold and this new one that I got from Topshop is my favourite one. It’s flattering because it’s nipped in at the waist but it’s also very girly with the skirted area. The colour is also perfect for winter. I feel the cold so easy so I honestly couldn’t be without a coat!

Leather Jacket.

I don’t like the real leather jackets so I prefer to choose the faux leather option. A black biker jacket is something that I wear often, especially in the spring and autumn. It’s one of my go to jackets and it just matches everything. It’s easy to pair with everything from jeans and shorts to dresses and skirts. It’s just a jacket that’s really easy wearing and I love it. You can just grab it as you go out and it will work.

Classic Skinny Jeans.

You all know how obsessed with jeans I am so I can’t just pick one specific pair. I find having a pair of dark jeans, a medium wash and then a light wash are definitely essentials! The dark washes make a more smarter outfit and are more versatile while the light washes are more casual, but the medium washes are somewhere in between. I always pick skinny jeans though for essentials. I live in them and it’s very rare that you find me without jeans. I think it’s safe to say I wear a pair of jeans about 350 days of the year. Ha ha.

Fun Jeans.

Fun jeans are always important to me. When I don’t feel like wearing normal blue jeans I choose to wear coloured denim or faux leather jeans. The coloured denim is just amazing to me. It brightens up any outfit and I love wearing bold colours. I like reds, purples and blues the most. Well, those are the colours I own, but I would love a yellow pair as well! Now for the faux leather jeans, I find those to be needed. They give that rocker feel but they are also what I call sexy jeans, for obvious reasons ha ha. They are easy to pair with many things and I think they just give an edge to an outfit.


A leopard print scarf to me is the must have scarf. I am pretty sure if I could only have one scarf I would pick a leopard print one. I have a lot of scarves because like I mentioned, I feel the cold easily, so having something around my neck really keeps me warm, but I also find the scarves tend to pull any outfit together. I love that they just add something different and colourful to your outfit. They help make an otherwise plain outfit, really interesting. Coloured scarves and neutral ones are equally as important.

Clutch Bags.

Clutch bags are the bags I will always pick as long as they have a long strap handle. I don’t like the heavier bigger bags like totes etc because they tend to hurt my arms and I get fed up of carrying them. One I would definitely call my essential would be my Mulberry Alexa Clutch in Powder Sparkle Tweed, but I also love my Marc by Marc Jacobs bags. The clutch bags never swamp or over power an outfit and they don’t feel too big for my frame either. They are perfect to me and I never carry a lot of items with me so they are generally the perfect size too.


This would be way too hard to pick just one pair so I think having a pair of nude and black heels are an absolute must, but I also love brightly coloured heels because they make an outfit pop. Shoes are a weakness of mine though, but as long as I have stiletto platforms then I think they make every outfit much more feminine and sexy. I love heels with mary jane straps as well because they feel more secure on my feet.


Ankle boots to me are perfect! They keep your feet warm and they look great for the autumn/winter time of year. Whether I pick heeled ankle boots or flat ones, they are definitely an essential to me. I actually live in my flat ones a lot. I don’t have any good photos of them though as they are shoes I always wear for errands and things like that, but I can’t live without flat boots. Wedges also, especially the Urban Outfitters ones above, those are like a shoe wedge and they are so classic. They go with all of my jeans which is definitely a must and the colour is very neutral .

So these are all of my wardrobe staples. What are some of yours?

Inspirations: Berries, Browns, Oranges & Mustards

Autumn is my favourite time of year for clothes! The Autumn hues of berries, oranges, browns and mustards just really make me smile and even though they are colourful, which is usually for Summer, they are still muted and wearable for the colder weather. I saw these two pictures for the Net-A-Porter Winter Boutique and they really inspired me! I love the colour palettes and the styling here. It’s perfect and it just screams leaves and Autumn! I love it! I’ve put together a few items in these beautiful shades which I have fallen in love with!

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I’ve also been inspired by the styling of the MiH and Net-A-Porter capsule collection below. I first saw these pictures a couple of months ago when the collection got released and I thought that the way the pieces are put together really shows Autumn! I love it! It’s so classic yet still combining trends like leopard!

MiH & Net-A-Porter Capsule Collection.

And now below are some clothes/shoes/accessories that I have found online in these Autumn hues and I wanted to share them with you. I think there around 17 items in total and I love every single one of them! The first coat below in burgundy is actually the coat that I bought a couple of weeks ago but I haven’t been able to share with you yet. I’m obsessed with it! I’ve also loved the Zara blazer featured below too for some time, I think it’s perfect but the price of it is just too much for me unfortunately!

Topshop Exposed Seam Skirted Coat.

Topshop Mustard Velvet Tie Double Breasted Coat.

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Interview With Lorna On AOL News

I recently did an interview with Ben Muessig from AOL News about raw/dry denim. Raw denim is something very close to me as I have a couple of pairs that I have broken in and love! I really love the way you can create your own wash on your jeans just by wearing them. I spoke to Ben about how long you should wait before washing them, what raw denim is about and more.

Unfortunately my old Sling & Stones Rachel jeans are too big on me now so I had to retire them. I have the Sling & Stones Naomi skinnys on my wish list but I can’t afford to get them yet. I like breaking in raw denim during the winter months! Would you like to see photos of my old Sling & Stones progress anyway?

Please click here to read the full interview/article on AOL News.

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My Obsession With Jeans & Denim

I wanted to do a few little posts on my obsessions with a certain item of clothing. You all know that my biggest obsession is denim, owning probably around 150 pairs of jeans now and numerous other items of clothing made out of denim. It’s a big love of mine! Being the editor of DenimBlog and a full time writer for it really helps me live my passion for jeans to the full extent. I love being able to see the new collections, speak to the denim designers, see the Look Books early and spot a celeb in a pair of jeans and know what they are just by looking at the wash or pockets, it really has become my life now 🙂

Unfortunately there are not many stores around my area that stock premium denim. Living in the countryside can have its downfalls! I normally have to do what I do with most of my clothes and buy jeans online. A lot of the time this is hit or miss because of the sizing issue and actually seeing them in person is a lot different to how they may look on the websites. I got into designer jeans quite a long time ago, I must have been around 16 years old and I ended up with a fake pair of Rock & Republic jeans, which I had no idea were not real! When I found out my heart was crushed and I felt so sad. I hate fake jeans! But since then, it got me into searching so much about real authentic designer jeans and what the styles were. Like quite a few people, when I find a new hobby, I often go full steam ahead and learn as much as I possibly can before getting bored of it, but this is one hobby I never got bored of. I definitely found my passion and my collection just kept growing and growing! I even learned all about the history of denim and did a huge post about it 🙂

A few of my favourite brands are Diesel Jeans, J Brand Jeans, Paige Premium Jeans, Dylan George Jeans and Seven Jeans, well 7 For All Mankind for its full name. My main love is skinny jeans or jeggings, I absolutely can’t get enough of them! I think most of my collection is actually filled with skinnies. Blue jeans are my favourite colour as well, as much as I am a fan of coloured denim, even printed denim, you can’t beat the classic blue jeans, they are just a staple for everything! I always thought that bootcut jeans and flared jeans swamped my body as I do only have small legs but now I am venturing into the flared jeans quite a lot, I love pairing them with wedges to elongate the legs, they look so much better then!

Since denim is a big part of the fashion world now, I love that it’s made into denim shirts, denim dresses, denim vests/waistcoats, denim jackets and everything else! It’s just great to be able to wear denim, even when you are not wearing jeans! Especially now that denim jewellery exists a lot!

Over the years I have gotten to know what jeans suit what body shapes, how to wear certain washes, what to look for in a back pocket, how important the rise and the inseams are, what fabrics are better than others and a lot more! I’ve learned how to know the perfect fit in my jeans and what jeans are most flattering on my body shape. That’s why I always stick to certain cuts from any one brand, like Diesel Jeans, the Matic, Nevy and Lowky cuts are my favourites, with Paige Premium, the Blue Heights 10″ skinnies and Verdugo Jeggings are my favourites, with 7 For All Mankind it’s the Gummy Denim Leggings and the Gwenevere Skinnys etc. Knowing what works for your body when buying designer jeans is always helpful.

As many of you have asked me, more than a few times, eventually I do want my own jeans brand. I would love that. It’s been my dream to be a designer since I could pick up a pencil and since I love jeans so much, that’s definitely the route I want to go down. Much like my idol Paige Adams-Geller, I would love to have a really successful denim brand in the future, one for the younger generation like myself but still making sure they fit really well. I can dream 🙂 I had the most amazing time designing my Prima Jeans and that definitely confirmed just how much I want to do it.

There is just something about denim that makes me love it, I get amazed and so excited when I see a wash that’s just beautiful or I find a pair of jeans that fit perfectly, the fabric is something special and I love it. I’m not even sure where this obsession came from and how it got quite so out of hand but I’m very happy it did because I love designer jeans so much! Often people ask me, what’s the difference between premium denim and just normal denim? There is a huge difference! The fit is the main thing, the premium denim brands really focus on getting the fit perfect and they make sure everything is symmetrical on the jeans, the stitching is in the right places, every aesthetic part of the jeans is done professionally and with care. Then there is the actual denim, premium denim you can just feel the quality of it, compared to the cheap denim, the texture is rich and strong and holds it’s shape and wear a tear a lot more than cheap denim. You really do pay for what you get 🙂

So I guess to end this post, as I could literally talk about denim all day, I am a huge designer jeans and denim lover! A denim nerd I suppose you could say. I hope they make more things in denim too! I also have a little page with my denim articles I have written for DenimBlog which you can see by clicking here.

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Image credit: Photo of Henry Hall Jeans roll, photographer David Larson.