Dodo Jewellery Autumn/Winter 2012 Press Day

Here is the post that I have been talking about for a little while. It’s the new Dodo Jewellery Autumn/Winter 2012 collection which I saw in London a couple of weeks ago during the press day events. I hadn’t ever heard of Dodo before, but when I walked into the room I instantly fell in love with it! Not only are the pieces animal inspired and adorable (as you can see) they are even for a good cause! Dodo have been working with the WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) in Italy since the very beginning. They have been donating money to the organisation since 1995 and have already donated over 1.5 million euros which I think is incredible! In celebration of this, the Tiger charm has been created out of yellow sapphire and black diamond and it will be launching later in the year. I believe it’s on the orange stand below.

I love the fact that they named the brand Dodo based on the charming, adorable and comical qualities that the Dodo had. It really fitted in with the brands fragility and fun concept. It’s also a reflection of how much nature needs to be loved and protected, which is something they have always felt strongly about. It is a shame that the Dodo actually became extinct because of humans and those of you who know me will know that I adore animals and love all of them to bits, so this is why I am so fond of this brand. They actually do something and give back to a charity that is really important. I really did fall in love with so many of the pieces, especially the little animal charms and the long pointy, almost tiger tooth looking, charms.

The room was filled with fun as well! They had alphabet cookies to represent their alphabet charms and they even had Stefano, from Italian Fine Tailoring company Bottega Conticelli, there to make little gifts for us. He made me a LOVE wallet with my initials dangling from the corner (which you can see below) and I love it so much! It’s adorable! It’s really well made too.

Also, Dodo is actually the sister company of Italian Jewellery House Pomallato and they just launched their flagship store last year on Sloane Square in London and have a concession in Selfridges, so they are quite hard to come by, but that definitely makes them more special. Unfortunately the high price tag that comes with Dodo is not a good thing for me, but for those of you who do have a little more money to spend, you should definitely check out Dodo, they have such unique pieces that are so delicate and pretty! What do you think of the brand?

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