Some Quick Snaps From Somerset House In London

Since the London trips are pretty much planned down to the last minute, I don’t really have any time to take photos of anything else other than the collections. It literally involves going from the train, into a taxi, to the location, into a taxi, to another location and so on until I get in a taxi and go to Paddington Station to get back on the train to come home.

However, when I was at Somerset House, the location was so beautiful I had to snap a few quick photos on my way out. Somerset House is actually the location where they hold most of the London Fashion Week shows, so I was very excited to visit it and check it out. It’s a beautiful place and I got to see Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and the London Eye again while travelling in a taxi!

I was wearing my Diesel Jeggings, my Topshop white jumper/sweater and bag, my Zara coat, my River Island pastel scarf and my Sam Edelman Petty booties.

Luckily, while I was inside Somerset House seeing the new AW12 styles, it was pouring down with rain, but when it was time to leave, the sun came out and it dried up. It’s just a shame the second time around that I was in London, I wasn’t as lucky and did get soaked. Anyway, have any of you been to Somerset House before? And I hope you are enjoying my AW12 posts!

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I’ve Fallen In Diesel Love All Over Again

I couldn’t think of a title for this post that would be really interesting so I just went with how I feel. I found these jeans at the Diesel store in London a couple of weeks ago after seeing the new collections at the headquarters, and I was very lucky to be given them to review for DenimBlog. Diesel was one of my first denim loves, maybe coming up to 5 years ago. Now they have completely redesigned the women’s collection and having these jeggings really did make me fall in love with the brand all over again.

I’m wearing Diesel Jegonfire skinny jeans, an old All Saints white jersey top and my Kurt Geiger nude Eleanor heels.

Since these jeans are now one of my new favourites, I love to pair them with a really simple outfit like this one. They have so much detail on them that I love, like the moto knee stitching and the rip as well as the pretty wash, I don’t want to overshadow it. I’m really glad that Diesel did start doing jeggings, these are the comfiest pair I own by the brand! I can’t get enough of them! What do you think of them? Do you love them too? And are you all ready for Christmas?

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It’s a Diesel Auto Matic 81M

I thought it was about time I shared with you one of my old loves, my Diesel Matic 81M jeans. I got these at the very end of 2006, so they are actually one of the oldest pairs I have but they are still one of my favourites. This is the exact pair of jeans that made me fall in love with Diesel all those years ago. The wash is incredible and the fit is my favourite. I have had about 8 pairs of 81M Matic pass through my hands over the years and each wash is so different.

I’m wearing my Diesel Matic 81M, an ASOS purple top, my Zara cream coat, my ShopAkira Enigma purple heels, a Topshop double finger Love ring and a Topshop love hearts necklace.

These are the beautiful shoes that I got sent as a gift from ShopAkira, which you can see here. I adore them so much! They add so much colour to my outfits and they are really comfortable, surprisingly.

These 81M jeans are a bit tight on me now though, especially in the butt area, but they fit everywhere else. I included, at the bottom of this post, some photos from when I first got them and also another pair that I did my denim DIY on and turned into shorts for the Summer a couple of years ago. I’m also really loving double finger rings at the moment!

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Outfits Of 2010

This year has come to an end really quickly, it only feels like it was my birthday not long ago or Easter! I can’t believe how fast the days, weeks and months go by now. I have piled together my favourite outfits that I have worn throughout 2010 since I started my blog in March. Each picture is linked to the original blog post of that outfit as well, so if you want to see more of the clothes just click the photo. Thank you all for being such a fan of my blog! 🙂

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Pretty Purple Diesel Nevy 8N5

I have been waiting to do this post for such a long time and I’m really thankful it was so sunny on Saturday! The sun really brings out the purple undertones of the jeans. I am completely in love with these Diesel Nevy jeans, I fell in love with them when I saw them on Asos but they only had a 32 leg, the only other place I could find them in a 30 leg was a Diesel concessions store in Selfridges so I bought them right away! I just can’t get enough of them! They are the prettiest Diesel jeans I have seen since the 61X and 81M washes! They even have purple pockets and dye inside! Being so denim addicted and a huge fan of Diesel, I literally have love hearts in my eyes when I look at these, haha 😀

I’m wearing my Diesel Nevy 8N5 skinny jeans with purple undertones, my Christian Louboutin Cramberry Declic 90, my white Warehouse loose tank top, my Miss Selfridge pink and purple beaded fabric necklace and some plastic beaded bracelets I made myself a while ago.

I’m always making jewellery, bracelets and earrings are my favourite pieces to make. You can be so creative with them! I find I like to make them more when it’s sunny outside as I get more inspiration. I love designing and making things! I included lots of photos in this blog post so you can see the jeans in as much detail as possible 🙂

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Can You Get Black Orchids?

I ended up taking these photos on the weekend purely for a denim review on DenimBlog. As it turned out I actually really like the outfit, not so much the fit of the jeans as they are a bit big, but the style of the outfit. It’s a lot smarter than my normal ensembles. Unfortunately I had to use a little digital camera so the photos have come out quite dull but you can get the idea 🙂

I’m wearing a pair of Black Orchid Black Devil Zipper jeans in Thunder, Oasis zipper ankle booties, a white Topshop tank top, a H&M cropped black blazer and a Topshop different cities necklace.

I definitely want to try the normal Black Orchid jeggings in Thunder, they look so cute and I love seeing them on all of the celebs! I also promise I will reveal my new Diesel jeans by Monday! I’ve been loving my J Brand Houlihan cargo pants as well. It’s been so hot, I’ve been wearing them cropped with gladiator sandals 🙂

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Can You Be Rich & Skinny?

I’m really loving this cargo pant trend now! It’s really taking over the denim world and with good reason, it’s hot! I think it’s a great take on adapting the skinny jean and making them work through other trends. These denim cargo leggings that I am wearing are definitely my favourite cargo jeans I have tried, they are so pretty and beautiful! I love everything about them. Being the denim lover that I am it makes it a lot easier to wear a new trend but still keeping my loyalty to the wonderful blue cotton fabric 🙂

I’m wearing a pair of Rich & Skinny denim cargo leggings that they were kind enough to gift to me, my Topshop T-Bar wedges, my Topshop army style jacket, my Warehouse loose white tank top and an ASOS gold heart watch pendant that I got ages ago and it still works!

I do have new Topshop wedges and clogs now which I will be showcasing next week! I love them both. I was finally able to get the wedges that I had wanted for ages but they sold out of online, so I can’t wait to share them! I’m really looking forward to the weekend, this week seems like it has gone on forever! What are your weekend plans?

You can read a review on these cargo denim leggings by clicking here.

A few things to fill you in on as well; hopefully on Monday I will be making my layout wider, changing the background colour slightly and re designing my banner. Everything else is staying the same but I want my layout a tad wider to fit bigger photos and make my banner more clear and pretty. A really nice guy on the wordpress forums has been helping me out with my CSS so I am very grateful to him for that! I will also be starting a brand new contest on Monday for a very pretty item that I have fallen in love with! I wont reveal what it is yet, you will have to stay tuned! I really can’t wait to share my brand new Diesel jeans with you either, they are amazing! So Monday should be a busy day for me with blog work! I’m so excited! 😀

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Wonderfully Windy

Wow it’s been really windy lately! Only England can have such crazy weather, haha! It makes it so hard to see having lots of hair when the wind is blowing hard, it gets everywhere, especially in your face!

I got these Dylan George Joey Boyfriend jeans from a sample sale site for a great price! I love the Czar wash as it’s so comfy and soft, so having it in a pair of loose fitting jeans is perfect! I have worn them loads already, I can’t get enough of them! I’m wearing them with my River Island pink tank top, my Miss Selfridge stripey cardigan, my River Island necklace and a pair of gladiator sandals that I got from New Look.

I also just got a new pair of Diesel jeans and they are amazing! They are very rare for this season and I am so excited to have them! I can’t wait to share them with you next week! I love Diesel jeans!