My Sam Edelman Studded Pax Booties

Do you remember a really long time ago, back in September 2010, I said I was obsessed with the Sam Edelman Studded Pax booties, but I couldn’t afford the price of them? Well, about 4 months ago they appeared on Gilt Groupe at a heavily discounted price during a Sam Edelman sale and I snapped them up in an instant! I was so beyond excited about getting them!

The shipping took quite a while since they came from America, but they were worth the wait! I think I got them about a month and a half after ordering them, but I couldn’t be happier. I already adore my Sam Edelman Petty booties, so it’s great to add these to my boot collection! I’ve worn them twice so far and can’t wait to wear them more! I don’t even mind that they are quite heavy. Do you love them too?

Also, as a side note, tomorrow is the day I am transitioning over to self hosted. There shouldn’t be any downtime during the change over, but if there are any glitches or anything, don’t worry as it’s only temporary. I’m not sure if any comments left tomorrow will be affected by the change though. I hope not!

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My New Sam Edelman Petty Booties

As you know from my Christmas wish list that I made a couple of weeks ago, I have wanted the Sam Edelman Petty booties in Putty for a while. As they were pretty expensive, I never expected to get them for Christmas at all, but I decided that I might buy them as a late Christmas present to myself! So last week, after having them in my basket on Shopbop for a couple of months, I hit the purchase button and I got them in the mail! I love Shopbop because it’s free international shipping and you can pay your customs/taxes at the checkout, so there is no hold up on the delivery!

Anyway, I didn’t know what to think of these when I first put them on though. They are super comfortable and cut really nicely. They look amazing from the front, but because I have bigger feet and quite small legs, they make my feet look really long from the side. I wore them around the house for quite some time to try and get used to it and in the end I just figured that if I love them so much, does it really matter that they look awkward from the side? My mum pointed out to me that it’s not like I walk sideways, ha ha, so I kept them! I’m glad I did too! Here they are and I will be wearing them in one of my next outfit posts! Do any of you own the Petty’s?

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My New Topshop Saffi Mary Jane Oxblood Heels

I had been wanting a pair of berry/dark red heels for a while as I don’t actually own any. I found these Saffi Mary Jane platforms in Oxblood on Topshop last week and I instantly fell in love with them! They remind me a lot of my nude/grey Sugar heels which I wear a lot in my outfits, but these are a deep red suede and they are just perfect! They have the most beautiful Winter shade I have seen and because they have a huge platform, they are quite comfortable! I can’t wait to start pairing these with some outfits! What do you think of them? I also found the most perfect coat which I can’t wait to share with you!

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Christian Louboutin Very Mix 150

I absolutely love these shoes! I think they are amazing and definitely pieces of art! They have been out for a while but when I saw the Christian Louboutin Very Mix 150 online in the two colours above, I thought to myself ‘wow’. I think it would be amazing to own a pair of these for statement purposes but the price tag definitely doesn’t permit that, ha ha. A girl can lust though right? I just love the way he incorporates all mediums, like spikes, studs, crystals and metallics. In reality these combinations shouldn’t work together because they are so different, but they do. They look amazing together! What do you think? Do you like them?

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Images courtesy of Christian Louboutin.

Obsessed With Studded Heels

I am obsessed with studded heels lately, I have had this obsession for a while and I think the studs and spikes look amazing on the back of high heels. I got these fuchsia Rock & Republic shoes last year and I think the colour really matches the gunmetal spikes but they are really uncomfortable as they are about half a size too small unfortunately.

I think because heels are glam and feminine, adding studs and spikes really roughens them up a little and makes them more tough looking, I love that because it gives an outfit more of an edge. Sam Edeleman’s versions are really fun and pretty at the same time, I love the ankle boots the most! I am desperate to own those or the flat boots I blogged about before. Do you love them too?

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Last two images courtesy of Coggles.

Obsessed With Sam Edelman Chateau Pax Stud Ankle Boots

I am literally obsessed with these Sam Edelman boots! When I first saw the heels with the studs on the back last season I thought they were cute but now they have boots! They have a high heeled ankle boot which I love but it’s definitely not as practical as these Pax boots! I think these are so versatile! They would match with shorts, shorter dresses and of course jeans. I really do love them!

I would be worried about saving and spending so much money on them (£215) to ruin them though. Since it rains so much here in England and of course Winter is coming up, I can see the suede getting damaged. I will have to see how my thoughts go with these ones! Do you love them too? I’ve sort of got a thing for studs and a thing for ankle boots so it’s a perfect mix. You can see them here at

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Images courtesy of

My New KG By Kurt Geiger Eleanor Nude Heels

Those of you who are regular readers of my blog will know I have had these on my wish list for a while, the KG by Kurt Geiger Eleanor heels in nude. I had been searching for the perfect nude heels to wear with my jeans because it’s such a versatile colour. I was so excited when I saw these! They have three different tones to them, the suede upper in a darker nude, the patent platform in a lighter nude and then the metallic heel in gold. I think the colour combinations are perfect and I found it difficult to even close the page with them on, ha ha.

I tried searching for some cheaper nude shoes and I honestly couldn’t find any as beautiful, so I figured why spend money on ones I don’t like as much when for just a bit more I could have the most perfect pair? I finally caved yesterday and bought them (after 2 months worth of debating and trying to justify the money) and they arrived today in the mail. I’m so excited to finally have them! They will go perfectly with my Mulberry Alexa clutch! In the photo below is a leopard print scarf I got at Topshop too which I plan on wearing with these as I like them together. There are lots more photos if you click this post too. What do you think?

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Neutrals – Bloch Flats & Postman Lock Satchel

I decided recently that I need to start stocking up on neutral accessories. I have so many brightly coloured bags and shoes but barely any neutral coloured ones. Sometimes you just need to keep the shades muted and simple, I don’t want to make all of my outfits too overpowering.

I picked up this River Island postman lock satchel bag in the sale last week and I got these Bloch nude flats courtesy of Spartoo. I’ve always loved Bloch flats because I have really sensitive feet and they are the only flats I find that don’t hurt my heels much. I love that about them! It’s my birthday in just under three weeks so I am saving for a neutral proper bag when I go shopping in London. I’m thinking Mulberry or another Marc by Marc Jacobs!

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