Some New Interviews & Features

It’s that time again where I have done quite a few interviews and features and I am piling them together into a blog post for all of you to see. The links to read the full article are below each image.

I did an in depth interview for Fresh Wet Paint for both Raindrops of Sapphire and DenimBlog. They asked some tough questions and wanted to know more about how I got into blogging, my style, my boyfriends style and more! Read the full interview here.

I did an interview for the wonderful blog Fashionista Era and they also asked some in depth questions about my blog Raindrops of Sapphire. The questions included my inspirations, why I love denim, my style icons and more. Read the full interview here.

Beauty Riot asked me to take part in their bloggers feature about shoes. They wanted me to tell them my favourite shoes and send in some photos. You can see that post along with everyone’s favourite shoes here.

I have done an interview for Sarah Velasco before, last year some time, and this is a follow up one where she asked me more questions about how things were in 2011, what’s new and more! You can read the full interview here.

This is just a little feature, but My Street Chic really liked one of my outfits so they featured it on their website. They do feature some great style bloggers too so you can check out the feature here.


I’m Featured In The Top 10 Bloggers Of 2011 List

By 7 For all Mankind! Yay!

I was so excited to find a tweet in my Twitter inbox from 7 For All Mankind saying they featured me in their Top 10 Blogger Looks For 2011! I’m in the list alongside Chiara from The Blonde Salad and I am a huge fan of her blog so I am very honoured! Thank you so much to the brand for featuring me! I’m a big fan of 7 For All Mankind jeans and own so many of them! You can see the original post here on their blog.

Also, to add this to my features section (some of you have read this before) I took part in Revolve’s Holiday Boutique where they asked me to select some items for a mini pop up boutique alongside Nicole Richie and Lauren Conrad as well as some other bloggers. I had so much fun doing that and you can see the Holiday Boutique here.

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Raindrops Of Sapphire Voted Best Of The Web

I’m really excited to say that my blog has been voted one of the best of the web by Be In Style! They added my blog to their weekly feature of the best fashion blogs they find and I am really happy they contacted me and chose mine! It means a lot to me. You can see the feature here.

I also wanted to say that I am really grateful to everyone that features me and thinks my blog is great. I appreciate all of the lovely comments that you leave me and the nice emails that I get sent from you all. Thank you so much for supporting me and my blog!

Also, I am including an interview I did with another blogger here, a feature of my outfit on The Denim Guy here and a couple of my sentences for a charity post on Gossip Fever here. Thank you again everyone!

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My Diesel Jogg Jeans Feature

This is an outfit I put together for a feature on the Diesel website. They sent me their new Jogg Jeans to style, along with some other bloggers, to put together as a collection/collage on their site. I did this for DenimBlog and I had a lot of fun styling a pair of pants that I wouldn’t normally wear. I wasn’t sure what route to go down with these as they are sweat pants mixed with a pair of jeans so I decided to crop them so they hit at the calves and roll the waist band over so the crotch wasn’t as low.

I’m wearing the Diesel Jogg Jeans, a H&M white t-shirt and gold bangles, a Miss Selfridge black waistcoat and River Island white pumps/flats.

This is definitely not an outfit I would usually wear but I actually ended up loving the look in the end. What do you think of it? I found them difficult to mix things with though, I wasn’t sure if I should try to smarten them up or if I should just keep them casual like they are. They are definitely so comfy though! The feature on the Diesel website has my photo and the other bloggers and you can FaceBook or Twitter the image you like the most with the icons below each picture. There are more images in this post and you can click here to visit the website.

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Acid City Magazine Interview

Here is another little interview I did. This one was my second interview for Acid City Magazine. I spoke to them about the denim trends and why I love denim so much, how I got into it and about my personal blog, Raindrops of Sapphire. You can click here to read the full interview on their website.

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My Feature In H&M Magazine

I did an interview with H&M a while back for their Summer 2011 denim issue. I have been checking in store for a while for the magazine issue and yesterday it was finally in there! If you have the UK magazine then my feature is on page 28 and 29. I spoke to them about the denim trends, styles, why it’s popular and more! I’ve included some zoomed in photos of the text so you can see the parts that feature my words. Let me know what you think 🙂

Trilogy Feature

I did a guest post/feature on the Trilogy Stores blog about denim. They asked me for my tips regarding each part of a pair of jeans and I was more than happy to lend my advice. As you know I have been addicted to denim for many years now so helping people out with their jeans is something I just love to do! You can read the full feature by clicking here. There will be more to come on this outfit later today as well!

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Some More Features & Interviews

I got a mention on Denim Therapy for my ‘The Pink With The White‘ outfit I posted a few weeks ago. I was really excited since I have an obsession with denim and I love wearing bright colours. Thank you to them for highlighting me! You can see the feature here.

I also did an interview with Sarah Velasco for her blog quite some time ago. It only got published recently though. The interview is pretty old and some of the information in it is not as up to date as it should be but I thought I would share it with you anyway. You can read the interview here.