My DIY French Manicure

I posted before about the HoneyBee Gardens Water Colour nail polishes as I was really excited to finally find odourless and toxic free nail polish! They have recently come out with a french manicure kit and my boyfriend bought me it for Christmas. I love the look of french manicured nails, it’s so classic and pretty! Plus it goes with absolutely everything you choose to wear.

Painting my nails and decorating them is something I have always loved to do, so I wanted to share my DIY french manicure with you all. The kit does come with the paper strips, but I find those don’t work very well, so I do the white tips myself. I used the rose coating too, I think next time I might try peach! It’s always hard to pick between those two! Do you love french manicured nails too?

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My DIY Denim Shorts

One of my favourite things to do on my clothes is DIY. I’m often adjusting clothes to make them more suited to me, be it swapping buttons on a cardigan, adding crystals to things, cutting things up or making my own jewellery etc. I love customizing and making. The thing I love to do most though is make denim shorts. I thought I would put a post together on a pair I made most recently from an old pair of Rock & Republic jeans. I’ve included lots of photos and information on the steps in this post.

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Getting Your Christian Louboutin Shoes To Fit

I know first hand that getting the right Christian Louboutin shoes is a task in itself and the sizing and fit is an even bigger task. I have learned a few tricks over the months from the lovely ladies of TPF and through trial and error myself. I thought I would make a little blog post to help those of you fit your Louboutin shoes if they are too tight, too small, they slip off your feet etc…

So if your Louboutin shoes are too tight and they pinch your feet, there are a couple of things you can try. Most shoes need breaking in but with Louboutin shoes he often makes the toe box very narrow and tight which is a little bit painful sometimes. One method you can try is the sock trick; you can wear your shoes while wearing socks to try and stretch out the leather/suede. Do this while you are at home of course, otherwise you might look a little silly lol. It does work, I promise it does. I have had to do it on a few pairs because I, like most people, have one foot a little bit bigger than the other and I always need a little more room in one shoe, so I put 2 socks on my foot and stuff my foot into the shoe and wear it around for ages until it gives in.

There is also leather stretcher spray that you can spray on the inside of the shoes and wear them to make them stretch. The only thing with this method is I don’t find it very reliable because it takes a long time for the spray to work. That’s my opinion, it might work well for others but it’s also really potent in smell and I can’t really tolerate that as I am sensitive to strong smells, especially harsh chemical smells like that so I definitely recommend the sock trick. I’ve heard about heating the shoes with a hair dryer to make them easier to stretch, but I wouldn’t recommend it as it can damage the shoes sometimes, especially if they are patent. It’s very risky on such expensive shoes!

Now if your Louboutin shoes are too big, there are some padding options you can try. There are foam heel grips which pad out the back of the shoe pretty well, you can get them really cheap and they work quite well. There are also foot petals which you can put on the insole at the front so it pushes the ball of your foot back a bit to lessen the gap at the heel. If the slingback is too big, a good cobbler can easily shorten it by taking some of the elastic out and re-attaching it. Lots of ladies have had this done with great results. The same goes for the mary jane straps, those can be shortened or made bigger by a good cobbler.

If your shoes slip off of your feet when you walk like they do for me, then there are ways of stopping it. It’s such a hassle! I know because I had it for so long and it made walking in my shoes really hard. Heel grips didn’t help this issue either. The only thing that I think works very well is double sided tape. I put Hollywood Fashion Tape strips on the inside of the heel of the shoe and then put my foot in it and press the heel of the shoe firm to the heel of my foot and it sticks. You can then walk in your shoes with out them slipping off! It’s really amazing but it is a hassle to do this all the time. I find the tape only works for 1 wear or 2 shorter wears and then you need to replace it.

I hope all of this information helps you in some way. If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to leave a comment and I will reply as soon as I can 🙂

My DIY Christian Louboutin YoYo Fuchsia Strass

Here is one of my Christian Louboutin shoes that I have strassed (crystalized). This is just a post directing you to the page that I have put all of the information and photos on. So to see the progress photos on this shoe and information on them please click here or click the page on the top right of the side bar –>.

DIY Christian Louboutin Legionana Flats

I got these Christian Louboutin Legionana flats on Ebay for a good deal! Don’t worry, I had them authenticated by the lovely ladies at TPF 🙂 They fit perfectly but the patent was a bit scuffed up and had some scratches on them so I decided to glitter them! I know you can already buy a pair that are glittered but they are seasons old and I wouldn’t be able to find any like that anymore, so I thought, why not give these ones a new life? I used Gem Tac glue which dries clear, I spread a thin layer over the shoe with a paint brush and then simply sprinkled the glitter onto the glue. It was a bit messy but I am really pleased with the turn out! So here are my DIY Christian Louboutin Legionana Flats now with glitter!

If you right click the images and press view image you can see them in higher resolution. I am also working on a pair of Christian Louboutin Rose Pink Yo Yo 100’s which I am strassing (crystallizing). I am putting Fuchsia and Fuchsia AB crystals on them 🙂 This colour combination doesn’t exist yet so I am having so much fun doing it! I will post photos soon.