My Ring Collection

I thought I would share with you some of my jewellery collection. These are my rings as rings are one of my favourites. I rarely ever leave the house without one of these on as I find they just add a nice little touch to an outfit. I love the statement rings, the really bold and bright ones and I love crystals as well as animals, so I end up with a lot of rings. If I see one I like while I am out then I always end up buying it. Luckily the rings I tend to pick are fairly cheap as they are fashion rings so it’s not too bad. Topshop has to be my favourite for cute rings!

I haven’t included all of my rings though, I have a few which are special so I keep them separately to the rest of my rings. I also haven’t included the two I wear on my fingers everyday. A silver heart from my boyfriend and one from my mum. Those are very special to me. I’m only showing the fashion rings that I love to buy and wear. I also think those mini cupcake pots are so cute! They make such great storage devices and were super cheap! And of course you have seen my ring drawer set before in a post I made a while back.

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These below are the ones I wear the most and seem to be my favourites right now.


What’s In My Make Up Bag

I got given this make up bag from 7 For All Mankind and they embroidered my initials on the front which I think is so cute and really kind of them! I’ve had it for a while and I use it all the time but haven’t posted about it before.

This is generally what I keep in my make up bag, I have a lot of other items but I only keep the things I use often in there so it doesn’t get too cluttered or too hard to find things. I didn’t always like make up, it’s actually only the past year or so I have gotten really into wearing it, I used to prefer the more natural look but sometimes it was difficult not wearing any make up. I’m glad I found the products I did because they give you a natural look which I love.

Above is my Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals foundation in Light with a Bisque concealer. I also have a Medium foundation and Summer Bisque concealer because I find the Light can be a bit too light for me sometimes so I mix them together a little. It’s my favourite foundation because it’s not liquid, it’s actually rock minerals and it treats the skin as well as gives you a really good coverage. I don’t think I would try any other foundation other than Bare Escentuals, it’s just wonderful and so light. You can’t even see that you are wearing it if you have the right shade on! I like the medium coverage brush as well and the concealer brush is really good.

For my lips, my favourites are the Lord & Berry lip stick but I only dab it on my lips as it’s super bright, the Max Factor lip stain, my Topshop lip gloss stick and the Rimmel lip stain and balm. I also use the balm on the Maxfactor lip stain because it dries out my lips a bit. I love the lip stains as they are easy to put on and give you a matte finish but I find they do rub off and leave a cracked effect sometimes, it depends on how dry your lips are.

For my eyes, I love the Avon Anew mascara, it has an eyelash treatment in the one end and a volumising mascara in the other end. I don’t often use the eyelash treatment but the mascara is amazing, it really makes your lashes bold and opens your eyes. My favourite eyeshadow is also from Avon, it’s a two tone purple pencil and I line the bottom of my eyelids with the plum colour and then put a covering of the lilac all over, it sort of gives a gradient look which I like a lot and for my eyebrows, as I have quite blonde eyebrows, I sometimes go over them with the Avon eyebrow pencil just to give them a bit of definition.

I haven’t included the products I use for my daily face regime as I don’t really count them as make up but I use a combination of Murad and Liz Earle. If you want to know more about those then leave a comment and I will work on a post for you all. What make up do you like to use?

HoneyBee Gardens ‘Water Colors’ Odourless Nail Polish

I am really sensitive to strong smells, especially chemical ones, so painting my nails becomes somewhat of a problem. I can paint them outside but then the smell always lingers on my hands and nails and makes me feel sick. I’ve always bitten my nails and found it hard to stop but I finally managed to stop! I now have longer nails which I am desperate to paint and make girly!

I was searching online and I came across this odourless natural nail polish by HoneyBee Gardens. It’s a water based nail enamel and it’s also made from a non toxic earth friendly formula as well as having no FD&C colors, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, xylene, or formaldehyde. I thought this was great and couldn’t wait to try them out!

I got the Clear and Valentine Pink colours (it’s recommended you use the clear as a base and top coat) and I love the matte pink. It’s definitely like a barbie colour and it’s really pretty. The polishes are not actually completely odourless though, they do have some smell to them but it’s not a strong chemical smell at all. Once it’s dry you can’t smell it on your nails either which is wonderful!

The first time I tried this nail polish I used the base coat, then applied 2 coats of the Valentine Pink and then a top coat. It took ages for the coats to dry, around 5-8 minutes which is a lot longer than normal nail polish. I applied it to my nails on the Monday morning and by the evening it was peeling and chipping off really badly even though I was fairly delicate with my hands. I wondered what I was doing wrong because on the website it says long lasting. I thought maybe I applied too much or something.

The second time I tried it, I buffed my nails first to make them rougher and then I only applied two coats of the Valentine Pink without a base or top coat. They dried a lot quicker than the first time and this seems to have worked perfectly because so far, after a day and a half, it’s all still on my nails and none of it is showing any signs of chipping off or peeling! So my advice to you is, if you are trying this nail polish, only apply two thin coats after buffing your nails first, it seems to help it stick more. The odourless nail polish can be bought at and they come in a huge range of colours. I think they are a great alternative for people who are sensitive to smells like me.

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Nail polishes courtesy of The Natural Store.

My New Ray Ban And D&G Sunglasses

As you know, from this post, I was stuck choosing which Ray-Ban sunglasses to get. I wanted something classic but fun at the same time and I think we pretty much all decided on the cats eye shaped tortoise pair (below) which I got in the mail yesterday and I love them! I think I am going to be wearing them a lot! They are beautiful!

I also received, without knowing about it, a pair of D&G sunglasses (above) from a wonderful friend of mine. I have never really been a fan of D&G, usually because their stuff is heavily branded but this particular pair is perfect! There are no noticeable logos and the shape reminds me a lot of the Cats 5000 I wanted in tortoise! Thank you to my friend for sending me these! I’m in love with them! What do you think?

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A Sneak Peek At My Jewellery Organisation

I love reading about other peoples closet and storage ideas so I thought I would make a little sneak peek post about how I store some of the jewellery that I wear often. I have hooks on my walls as you can see below, for my necklaces, I also have 2 purple butterfly hooks on my shoe unit for other necklaces but those aren’t pictured. As for my rings, the ones I am wearing often, I keep those in my little wooden drawer set that my boyfriend got me above. It’s actually lined with soft fabric so the rings are kept safe.

For the other jewellery that I am not wearing at the moment, I have a big jewellery case with different sections in it where I keep my bracelets and rings. The bracelets and boxed necklaces go in the big compartment while the rings go on the tray that folds out above. For the bracelets I am wearing, those I stack neatly on my desk. How do you organize some of your other jewellery? And would you like to see some photos of my closet/wardrobe organization too? I have had some requests for it.

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I’m Loving These Nail Colours

Since I love bright colours, nail polish has always been a favourite of mine! I love painting my toes in bright shades so they look cute in sandals and wedges. I always have to paint them outside though because I am super sensitive to smells and nail polish is one that makes me feel really sick. It would be amazing if they could come out with odourless nail polish! I have got the nail stickers which have no smell but since I keep biting my nails it doesn’t work out and they are super expensive for one use!

I’ve picked a few nail polishes that I think are beautiful. Above, in order, is Come to Poppy, Lily I Love You and Be a Dahlia. Below there is Peeping Tom, Causing a Stir, Heart of Gold, Bees Knees, Green Room and Desert Lily. Which ones do you like the most? I think from here on I am going to have to make a vow to myself to really try and stop biting my nails. It’s just so difficult! If you like some of these colours then you can buy the Topshop colours here and you can buy the OPI colours here. I think I may need to buy the Poppy and the Orange, those two are so beautiful! I love the pink glitter too!

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Ray Ban Choices

Ray Ban have been my favourite brand of sunglasses for a while now but since they cost a lot of money, it’s not often I can buy a pair just like that. I usually save my money for things like bags, jeans or shoes as I take into consideration that living in England doesn’t always give you the opportunity to wear sunglasses so it’s not a purchase which I could wear all the time.

I wanted to spend my birthday money on a pair of new sunglasses that will be a classic and ones I can wear all the time no matter what outfit I am wearing. I already have a pair of the Cats 5000 in pink glitter, which I wear often, and some brown Aviators with gold frames. I find the metal frames to be really delicate so I do prefer the plastic as I can be incredibly clumsy.

I’ve narrowed my choices down to 5 sunglasses. I was going to include the classic Wayfarers but they really don’t suit my face shape and I find them too masculine since I a very girly girl. I do love them though but I don’t think they are the sunglasses for me. I never used to be a fan of the tortoise colour as I found it awkward, but over time I have grown to love it. It’s funny how your opinions change so much isn’t it? I think tortoise might be more suited to me because I have pale skin and I am blonde, I find black is too harsh on my face so I try to avoid wearing it as much as I can.

So, I love the cats eyes shape sunglasses as I think they are quirky but they look classic at the same time and I love the colours (images 1 and 2) and the Jackie Ohh II have been a pair that I have liked for ages due to the oversized frames (image 3). The wider shaped red gradient sunglasses (image 4) I am unsure on, I love the colour but I think the shape might be too wide for my face and the last ones (image 5) are the Cats 5000 in tortoise. I already have this frame so I know it suits my face and I thought the colour would be more classic. Which ones do you like the most? I’m kind of leaning towards the cats eyes ones I think.

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Yellow, Yellow, Yellowlicious

River Island Yellow Blazer.

My favourite colour has always been pink but lately I have really fallen for yellow. It’s so bright, so fun and reminds me so much of happiness and sunshine. It really livens up outfits and makes you feel energetic! I’ve piled together a few of my favourite yellow pieces which are on my wish list. Are you loving yellow too?

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Topshop Yellow Bow Flats.

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