AW12 Press Day – J. Crew, Pinko, Acne & House of Holland

So last month (April) I was attending quite a lot of press days to see the Autumn/Winter 2012 collections from a lot of denim brands for DenimBlog. During the press events though, the PR companies who represent those brands also had their other brands collections on display, so I took a few photos of the pieces that I liked.

I have put them in sections in this post with the writing underneath each brand so you can see what is what. They definitely had some amazing pieces! This post features Acne, Pinko, J. Crew and House of Holland. Tomorrow I will be posting about Dodo Jewellery which I think you will all love as much as I do! They have some amazing pieces! You can also see the denim collections on DenimBlog by clicking here, although I am still in the process of posting quite a few.

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J. Crew – These 4 photos above are from the new J. Crew collection and I fell in love with a few pieces! I haven’t ever tried J.Crew before, mainly due to the hefty price tag that comes with it, but they had some beautiful shoes in bright colours, lots of pinks and bright yellows too! The yellow coat on the rack was so cute! It was like a 60’s swing coat, but in such a bold colour!

Pinko –  The 5 photos above are from the new Pinko collection. Again, I have never tried Pinko, but I was seriously impressed by the new pieces! I adored those glittery studded loafers, those were my favourite from the whole collection! I also liked the flowery ring, the studded clutches, the gold and black heeled boot and the last photo shows that they took the route of neutrals in camels and beige for the Autumn/Winter 2012 colour palette.

Acne – The 6 photos above are from the new Acne collection and I literally fell in love! The 2 aviator style jackets with fleece lining were beautiful! I love that they drifted away from the usual black and brown and went for contrasting black and white and also a bright neon yellowy/green shade. The neon one was my favourite of the two, it’s just so fun! I also loved their boots and the collection in general, it was very bright and colourful! I’m not used to so much colour from Acne!

House of Holland – These 2 photos above are from the new House of Holland collection. If you are not familiar with the brand, they make gorgeous tights! They are responsible for those suspender tights that everyone was seen wearing last year. They now have some cute new takes on the trend which involve ribbon up the sides and spots/star prints. I really like the first sheer pair with the black ribbon, those are absolutely adorable!


50 responses

  1. They are fun events, but definitely tiring to do all of that travelling! I went to 5 in one day the firs time around. I hurt so bad after that!

  2. Yeah I thought you would have liked those Sarah! Wait until you see some of the Coach pieces! I think you will like those too! Even I do!

  3. If only I were rich LOL… Lovely items, especially the white jacket, and I also love the stocking./tights, such great designs on them now, gone are the days of boring plain tights x

  4. Oh I know, it would be wonderful to have so much money, then you could just buy all of the pieces you like no matter the price lol! But yeah, fun printed tights are the way forward!

  5. I’ve got serious blogger envy right now, this looks amazing! Especially excited to see all the J.Crew items (pastel blue and silver sequins, be still my beating heart!) Acne never fails to deliver such chic items and HH is totally rocking the tight world right now- Just awesome! x

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