In Love With Dip Dye Ombre

My River Island Men’s Ombre Denim Shirt.

As you probably know, one of my favourite trends at the moment (and one I have always been fond of) is ombre or dip dye. I think it’s beautiful and it adds so much character and fun to a piece of clothing. I’m obsessed with colour and most of my outfits, if not all of them, do contain a lot of brights, so having 2 variations of colour in a pair of jeans or a shirt really makes me smile. Especially as the shades transition into each other nicely.

I’ve included some of my favourite pieces that I found online and some inspiration of dip dye ombre that Andy wore in the outfit below. I love how she mixed both of the dip dye ombre pieces together instead of just wearing one. I also adore the frilly dress and the bright trousers. The shirts are gorgeous and classic and the shorts, I have always loved those since I saw them about a year ago. I love the mix of turquoise and lilac. It’s beautiful! Do you love the trend too?

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The wonderful Andy Torres from Style Scrapbook.

Zara Frilly Graduated Colour Dress.

Zara Dip Dye Print Shirt.

Zara Dip Dye Front Pleat Trousers.

Zara Dip Dye Denim Shirt.

RunwayDreamz Dip Dye Denim Shorts.


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  1. Dip dye was in years ago when I was younger, and now it’s making a come back, which must suggest I am getting old LOL… I still love it now, especially the shorts.

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