Pegasus Pastels

I put this outfit together a few weeks ago when the weather was really warm and since it’s now back to being rainy, cold and gloomy, I thought posting it now would cheer my weather blues up a bit and remind me that warmer weather will arrive soon! I hope… You never can tell living here!

I’m wearing a Workshop Pegasus print t-shirt (bought at Topshop), my DIY Diesel Matic shorts, my Topshop wedges, ASOS pastel gummy bracelets and my Ray-Ban Cats 5000 Havana sunglasses.

I saw this t-shirt about 2 months ago in Topshop in the boutique section and I thought it was adorable! I love the pink and purple tone and also the fact that it’s actually a print of Pegasus. I made these shorts about 3 years ago too, I had a few pairs of Diesel Matic 81M (one of my favourite jeans) and I wanted to turn one into shorts, which I love, although sometimes I feel like they are just a little too short. It’s hard getting that balance in denim shorts!

P.S – Just to fill you in as well, I attended a big press event at Somerset House in London today and I saw the new collections from quite a few brands. I will have posts to come on Coach, Acne, Pinko, House of Holland and Dodo. I fell in love with Dodo! I can’t wait to share those pieces with you!

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  1. I love this!! I’m a huge fan of cropped shirts, but it’s so hard to find them- and ones that fit well- but this top is super cute ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m going to be on the look out for something like this too! Thanks for the inspiration- you look truly lovely.

  2. Thanks a lot for your comment in mi blog Lady! If you like it, you can follow me. I would like it! ;P
    I cant follow you by blogger (I cant understand) but i promise visit you every week! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    A cute kiss!

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