Happy Easter!

I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Easter! I made these bunny ears today out of paper and cardboard as I never had any, ha ha. I think they turned out quite cute though and definitely fit the Easter theme! Hopefully you all have a nice day and enjoy it! Thank you for being fans of my blog! I appreciate it! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram too with ‘LornaRaindrops’!

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  1. Hi Lorna, sorry for all the comments back and forth, ha! (I tried to find your email address.) Yeah, the Shoe Sights page is a work in progress. I’m currently in the midst of uploading about 200 pictures of my Loubous (my nickname for my Louboutins) taken with me all over Asia on my travels. It’s pretty exciting! I hope to have it up soon. I checked out the Denim Blog as well, so fun! I hope you check out facebook and sign up to follow along in my adventures through fashion and travel.

    xo Grace

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