My New Marc by Marc Jacobs Bars & Bells Bag in Scarlet

You may have remembered (when I showed my bag collection to you here) that I mentioned there was a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag that had caught my eye and I planned to buy. This is it! It’s the Marc by Marc Jacobs Bars & Bells Cross Body Bag in Scarlet. I have always been looking for the perfect red bag, since I didn’t own any shade of red in a bag at all, and I think this is it! I usually like to go for the deeper reds, the more richer and classier colours, but I fell in love with this bag. The colour reminds me a lot of poppies, but it’s a little more red since poppies have an orange undertone to them and this bag doesn’t.

It’s a little bigger than the usual size I go for, which is what I wanted as sometimes I do need a bigger bag, but it’s not too big and it’s not heavy at all! I’m no good with heavy bags! I love its simplicity, there is minimal hardware and the closure is magnetic. It’s adorable! Plus it has a super fun lining! Much more bright than my other Marc by Marc Jacobs bags! I bought it from here as that’s the only place that stocks it at the moment. I looked for it everywhere else and couldn’t find it anywhere! That’s ok though since I adore Shopbop! It comes in Navy and a colour block Black and White too. I can’t wait to wear it soon and show you in an outfit post! What do you think of it?

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41 responses

  1. I was just looking at this bag and admiring it!!! Its nice to hear you are so happy with it. I was trying to decide because I love red but never wear it and didn’t know if I’d like it. LOVE this post and you really have a gorgeous blog. Happy I found you. Now Following!

    Dressology HQ

  2. Oh you should try it Sada! It’s really beautiful, it has quite a lot of space for a smaller bag too and it’s light and easy to wear! The red is really pretty! Glad you like my blog!

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