The Men’s Ombre Dip Dye Denim Shirt

When I saw this denim shirt online while browsing River Island, I completely fell in love with it! I saw it on the home page, but it turned out to be a men’s shirt. I was a little worried on the sizing and although this XS one is a little big in the shoulders and arms, I absolutely love it! I don’t even mind that it’s not a woman’s shirt. I just love the ombre blue dip dye effect it has, it’s so blue and pretty!

I’m wearing my River Island men’s denim shirt and my new black wedge booties, my Miss Selfridge shiny black leggings and my turquoise turtle ring from my mum.

I also found these booties yesterday in town, I fell in love with them when I saw them too. I have been looking for the perfect pair of black wedge boots that were not too steep and these are it! I thought pairing this shirt with the shiny leggings would look quite nice and I quite like how the outfit turned out actually. What do you think?

P.S – I haven’t had the time yet to take the photos of my bag collection as my blogs 2nd birthday post. I will be doing it this week, even though it was yesterday my blog turned 2. Please bear with me on this one! It’s going to take a while to take all of the photos and make the post! Hopefully it turns out ok!

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  1. Oh you should! They have some great things and I don’t find them ‘too’ expensive, compared to designers I mean. Thank you for the compliment! I will wear blue more often then!

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  3. Love this outift, Lorna. Love the ombre of the shirt (your hair looks kind of ombre too lol), that you paired it with black, your wedges, cute turtle and the red lipstick finishes it of nicely. 5 stars

  4. Thank you Sophie! Yeah I did notice my hair sort of goes ombre when it’s curly! I guess the two match well, ha ha! Thanks for your lovely comment!

  5. Its my birthday. You must have know! Wow.. This had to be the best you have done yet. Just gorgeous. Great shirt and leggings are brill. Very sexy. N

  6. Definitely fixes my demin shirt need although if u want to wear a demin shirt outfit any time I won’t mind! You love lovely and very sexy.

  7. Thanks Nic! I think this has become my new favourite denim shirt that I own now, I love the ombre blue! I can see myself wearing it more, so don’t worry!

  8. Lorna you look amazing! Such a perfect figure, I love that shirt teamed with the skintight leggings and the wedge shoe. It is all goes together perfectly… You are a true English Rose xx

  9. Your new favourite demin shirt then. I still like the top shop light wash one but I expect that’s a more casual day shirt now rather than a blog item! You have loads of comments. Shows how popular your outfit is and what a brill blog. Nic

  10. Thanks Nic! Yeah I do seem to get a lot more comments now, that sort of happened over the past few months, I think my blog is growing, which excites me! Yeah my Topshop light wash one is really casual, same with my MiH light wash one. As it’s getting warmer though I will probably start to wear them more often, it’s been too cold to only go out in just a thin shirt. I might pair one with shorts soon! Thanks for liking my blog!

  11. Hi. Instead of just static pictures you could have a short video of you, talking as well. On utube there are some fashion videos ‘outfit of the day’ sort of thing. It would be a great thing to watch.

  12. Oh I do have 2 videos, I have one from last year and I have one on DenimBlog if you want to see those? I’m just not very confident on video camera lol!

  13. Lol thanks πŸ™‚ I never show my butt in leggings though, I always wear long enough tops to cover it. I have plenty of close up photos of my jeans though in other posts!

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