Zebra’s & Berries

These are just a quick few snaps of my outfit that I wore two weekends ago to lunch with my boyfriend. It was fairly cold, so this outfit has a mix of things going on like zebra print, neon yellow, denim, suede and my berry coloured princess style coat.

I was wearing my Topshop coat, Hudson Nico skinny jeans, my Zara leopard print scarf, my ASOS neon yellow bag and my Sam Edelman Petty booties.

I think these boots have quickly become one of my favourites. I wear them so much now, they are comfortable and I love them. Don’t forget to enter my Sunglasses Shop giveaway! It’s ending in a couple of days and it’s free to enter, so click here to take part.

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  1. Thanks! I actually haven’t changed my hair colour, it just seems to be getting lighter, it does that when it gets to Spring and Summer, it gets blonder and then darker in Winter, so it’s just lightening up!

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