Pink Valentine

So here is the rest of my outfit that I wore for Valentines Day. My boyfriend and I went out to lunch and we exchanged gifts at home, I love the little things he got me! I thought an all pink outfit would be really appropriate since pink is my favourite colour and Valentines is all about love! It just made sense!

My pink outfit consists of my M2F pink skinny jeans, my Zara pink blazer, my Topshop knitted cream jumper/sweater and rainbow necklace, ASOS white long sleeved top and neon pink watch, my new Mulberry pink denim Lily, my pink Azendi Carousel ring and my River Island taupe ankle boots.

I also wanted to take this posts opportunity to say thank you to my wonderful boyfriend. Thank you for taking my photos for my blog, for always being there for me, keeping me warm when I get cold (which is often), making sure I am ok when we are out, always thinking of me, looking after me when I need it, knowing me better than I know myself… The list could go on, but I wont, I will keep it short. I’m glad there is a day in the year where we can celebrate love! So what do you think of my all pink outfit?

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  1. Lovely tones of pinks! looks nice and bright, just whats needed for this dismal weather LOL. The bad is amazing Lorna, got to have one of those x

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  3. You look like a tasty little cupcake! πŸ˜‰ So pretty! I have never heard of those jeans, but they are gorgeous… where can I buy them? Also, love the jacket, beautiful color and the lining is beautiful!

  4. Lol thanks Jenny πŸ™‚ I’ve never been called a cupcake before, ha ha! M2F Brand Denim came on the scene last year, they are sort of new. They are wonderful and soft! stocks them and Planet Blue!

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