My New Mulberry Candy Pink Quilted Denim Lily

You might remember that I fell in love with this bag, the Mulberry Candy Pink Quilted Denim Lily, back in September 2011 when I saw it on Eliza Doolittle, which I then made a post about in October (here). This bag literally combines everything I love! Denim, pink, denim, a small bag, pink, denim, cross body bag, pink, denim… You get my drift!

Denim is my favourite fabric, as you know since I live in jeans, and making it pink and in my favourite Mulberry bag, the Lily, it’s just perfect! Since I saw it, I started saving because I knew I would really want it. Also it helps since it’s not made of leather, so I knew it would be cheaper than most Mulberry bags I can’t afford and as a plus it doesn’t have the potent leather smell! I am literally in love with this bag and I couldn’t wait to share it with you all! Also, the modelled photos are from an outfit I will be posting soon! What do you think of it?

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74 responses

  1. Lorna I love this bag, the quilted look, the colour, the size,. It is such a nice soft pink, that it would go with quite a few colours. Look forward to seeing it with many different outfits!

  2. WoW! I love this Mulberry bag!
    So romantic!!
    I’ll follow you..follow me if you want!
    thanks for the comment!



  3. Hi there,
    thanks for ur lovely comment! I think ur blog is adorable, too!
    I am ur follower now and If u have time Iยดd be so happy if u drop by my blog again…Iยดm always so happy to share thoughts with others. And if u like what u see/read Iยดd love u to follow me back!

    Hope u have a fabulous week!
    xxx Lizzy from Fashion-BlaBla

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