Things That Make Me Smile During Winter

An adorable heart shaped water bottle that I got from my boyfriend last year. I can’t be without water bottles! I get so cold.

I thought I would put together a little post of the things that make me smile and keep me cosy during the Winter months! There are a mix of things, obviously not everything is listed, but some of the important ones are. What keeps you smiling during Winter?

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Amazingly cosy slipper boots which I just got this morning as a gift from DearFoams. They are so warm! Slippers are a must for me, I always have cold feet. I love thick socks as well, I own quite a few and wear them everyday.

Books! I love lying in bed at night, snuggled up, reading books. I’m currently obsessed with the Twilight series and I can’t get enough of it!

My mums home made vegetable soup. I love it so much! It’s delicious! It has carrots, broccoli, pearl barley and potatoes.

The first sign of Spring! I spotted these daffodils just springing on the weekend. There is nothing like hope, knowing Spring and Summer are around the corner!

Cosy pyjamas! I have a lot of pyjamas, but I really like the thicker bottoms with fun prints like these ones with foxes!

Adorable Christmas Mulberry packaging! I usually love Mulberry’s gift wrapping, but at Christmas time it was so cute with the jingle bells and ribbon.

Cat cuddles! Who can say no to sleepy cat cuddles? I love snuggling up with kitties more than most things. I’m a huge animal lover, especially kitties!


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  1. Hi…
    Thanks for commenting on our blog.
    Beautiful blog!!!
    Loved the post!
    Books are always a good option when is too cold to go outside.


  2. Fashionista Era – That’s the same as me! I have all the books and the movies! I love them too! I’m a big romantic!

    That’s great you are a fan too Ashley! And I know, kitties are wonderful!

  3. This all looks comforting, lovely, tasty and warm LOL… The cat is so cute too, love a cuddle with her, and that soup has really got my tastebuds going x

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