Mulberry’s New Cookie Style Bags

These are the brand new Cookie styles from Mulberry! I am absolutely in love with them! They are a new take on their classic bags and they have cookie cutter edges, I think that makes them so unique and interesting! I love that extra detail. What do you think of them? Unfortunately I can’t afford them, I don’t think they warrant the extra price tag compared to the original styles, but they are definitely gorgeous! I had to share them with you! They come in the Lily, Mini Lily, Bayswater, Small Bayswater Satchel and a Purse. The Lily in Oak is my favourite! You can see all of the new styles in the coming soon section on Mulberry here.

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40 responses

  1. i generally love mulberry bags especially the alexa satchel but these ones kind of dissapoint me with their too cute lining. i don’t know why but the lining takes off something from their unique style

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