Some New Purchases

What I love most about this time of year (despite it being freezing which I definitely don’t love) is the huge sales! Literally everywhere has sales and I like to shop them a couple of weeks after they start because everything ends up even more reduced. Not all of these purchases are sale items, but a few of them were super cheap anyway or I had discount codes. I haven’t bought all of these this week though, these are purchases that I have accumulated over the past 2 months, but haven’t shared with you yet.

Above, from left to right, is my new Topshop PU leather quilted biker jacket, a Topshop white sweater/jumper, Current/Elliott grey leopard jeans, Miss Selfridge burgundy and feather print leggings, Topshop necklaces and Kurt Geiger boots.

The jacket I am absolutely in love with! The quilting on it is amazing! The jeans have been on my wish list for a good few months and I finally saved enough for them. I always had trouble with printed leggings since most of the time they are made from polyester, so what I decided to do for the feather ones is put them over the top of the cotton burgundy ones and I can’t feel a thing! So excited about that! The boots will be great for wearing with jeans and the necklaces were adorable!

What items have you been buying over the holiday sales? I literally just save all my money for clothes purposes, I only sometimes eat lunch out maybe 3 times a month and I don’t go out to parties or anything like that, so all of my money does go on clothes. It’s a pretty bad obsession! Ha ha!


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  1. Oh, I love the jacket and the boots! They are fabulous and I am looking forward to seeing you in these. 🙂 I have really splurged in this season, from blazers via shoes (lots of shoes) to dresses, I got a lot. But as you said – all for amazing prices. How could we say no? Have a wonderful evening1 xo, Christina

  2. Great finds. I love those boots, I am sure you will get much use from it this season.

    Come check out my blog if you have time 😉 Cheers!

  3. Wow! That’s ages! It’s funny how the time whizzes by when you are busy doing blog stuff isn’t it! I would love to see how your DIY jeans come out!

  4. Those Kurt Geiger boots are TDF! They are so versatile, and I actually think they are so great for the cold weather, because you won`t slip on an icy road as easily!
    Also like the other finds. Especially the white sweater by Topshop. Like the detailing on it!

  5. Thanks Anna! That’s why I love the boots, they have such a strong grip on the bottom and you can wear them with thick socks, so I am excited to start wearing those out! The sweater is one of my favourites too, it’s so simple and classic but nice!

  6. Thanks Kathryn and Allison 🙂 I know, I was trying to be good by saving my money, but I sold a lot of the things I had so that helped a lot!

  7. great stuff! thanks for stopping at my blog and i hope you’ll viisit me more often, cuz i definately will visit your blog – it’s amazing! 🙂 i’ve followed u 🙂

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