My DIY French Manicure

I posted before about the HoneyBee Gardens Water Colour nail polishes as I was really excited to finally find odourless and toxic free nail polish! They have recently come out with a french manicure kit and my boyfriend bought me it for Christmas. I love the look of french manicured nails, it’s so classic and pretty! Plus it goes with absolutely everything you choose to wear.

Painting my nails and decorating them is something I have always loved to do, so I wanted to share my DIY french manicure with you all. The kit does come with the paper strips, but I find those don’t work very well, so I do the white tips myself. I used the rose coating too, I think next time I might try peach! It’s always hard to pick between those two! Do you love french manicured nails too?

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  1. So was I! I had literally bitten my nails all my life but I decided that I had to be strong and stop it, so far I have been lucky enough to grow them for a good few months now, I’m just hoping I don’t go back to biting again as it was hurting my sensitive teeth lol πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks Brianne! You can get better with practice! Another good way is do them before you have a shower so if there is any on your skin, it peels off in the shower but stays on the nails!

  3. Lovely! I love French manicured nails – but for some reason, varnish NEVER holds well on my nails, chips pretty much a day after I do it! So I quite often have gel manicures instead, they stay put a bit longer. Might try this stuff though, looks really nice quality πŸ™‚

  4. Thank you πŸ™‚ This stuff is actually harder to use than normal nail varnish, it takes a lot longer to dry and as it’s water based, you can’t touch water for a good few hours. It chips off easy too like normal nail polish. I love the gel stuff but unfortunately that never lasted properly on my nails either.

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