My Christmas Wish List

Mulberry Oak Lily.

We all have our wish list around Christmas time and I have a mixture of things that I would love to own. Unfortunately most of them are expensive so I am hoping those items might go in the sale after Christmas so I can buy them for myself as a late Christmas present with the money I saved up. I am hoping I might get some of the cheaper things though! Like the scarf and the manicure kit! The Mulberry Lily in Oak is my most wanted though so it’s my mission to make one of those mine! I also love the Sam Edelman Petty boots and the J Brand Coated Red 901 Leggings! What are some of the things on your wish list this Christmas?

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Sam Edelman Petty Booties.

J Brand 901 Coated Red Jeans.

Current/Elliott Grey Leopard Stiletto Jeans.

Rag & Bone Galaxy Jeans.

Rich & Skinny Red Leather Style Jeans.

Mulberry Rose Gold Tillie Bracelet.

Zara Triple Combination Zebra Scarf.

HoneyBee Gardens French Manicure Kit.

Topshop Accord Leopard Booties.

Ash Birdy Lace Up Trainer.


45 responses

  1. I love the mulberry bag! I have the alexa of mulberry!! and It’s fantastics and top-quality… this bags will be for all life!!

    congrats for you blog!
    and Thanks for visit my blog!


    one more shoes

  2. Yeah 😉 so don’t get scared when Santa comes and puts you in his sack, he’s just collecting the things on my wish list 😉

  3. Thanks Jill! Glad you like what I picked!

    Thanks Anastasia 🙂 I really hope I do too but I think I will have to see how the sales go after Christmas for them!

  4. LOOOVE those red coated jeans and the mulberry cuff! so chic! all your picks are very nice and would make a nice addition to any wardrobe!

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