My Ring Collection

I thought I would share with you some of my jewellery collection. These are my rings as rings are one of my favourites. I rarely ever leave the house without one of these on as I find they just add a nice little touch to an outfit. I love the statement rings, the really bold and bright ones and I love crystals as well as animals, so I end up with a lot of rings. If I see one I like while I am out then I always end up buying it. Luckily the rings I tend to pick are fairly cheap as they are fashion rings so it’s not too bad. Topshop has to be my favourite for cute rings!

I haven’t included all of my rings though, I have a few which are special so I keep them separately to the rest of my rings. I also haven’t included the two I wear on my fingers everyday. A silver heart from my boyfriend and one from my mum. Those are very special to me. I’m only showing the fashion rings that I love to buy and wear. I also think those mini cupcake pots are so cute! They make such great storage devices and were super cheap! And of course you have seen my ring drawer set before in a post I made a while back.

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These below are the ones I wear the most and seem to be my favourites right now.


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