My New Hairstyle

So I know you all wanted me to show you my new hairstyle. As you know I was thinking of getting a fringe/bangs when I was getting my hair cut on Friday. I decided to go for it and I have been trying to get used to the new style for the past couple of days. At first I really wasn’t sure on it, I thought that it looks too heavy and the fringe makes my face a bit square. Everyone else has said that it looks really nice on me and they like it a lot though.

I’m still trying to get used to it and I think it will look a lot better if my hair was more blonde. I used to have quite blonde hair from the sun as it lightens in the Summer, but now it’s been cut, it’s quite dark, so I have decided that I need some highlights put through around the front and on top and I think it will look better then, it wont be so harsh on my face as I am quite pale. Anyway, what do you all think of my new hairstyle? Do you like it or do you think it looks really bad? I’m still not sure if I regret the decision. I feel like my hair is not as girly anymore.

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  1. When I first looked in the mirror I didn’t even recognise myself so I know what you mean, it’s still taking a long time to adjust to it but thanks for saying I look girly, I was worried about looking more masculine with it!

  2. I never comment on your blog but with this post I have to. You look beautiful, it really suits you, the color and the bangs.

  3. Love! Love! Love! Lorna.

    I think your new bangs are so great. Ok, with the first picture (which I still thought was super cute) I considered what you said about feeling square and I thought it could be less blunt and a bit more wispy but then I scrolled down and saw the other two pictures in which you look gorgeous (maybe it was just the angle of the first picture). Anyway I agree about some highlights though and think that you made a great choice, you look even younger and fresher. I hope you get accustomed to them and no longer regret them. Everyone’s telling you the truth, you look great. What does your bf think?

  4. Thanks Sophie! I hope I do grow to like it too, if not I guess I will just wait for them to grow out. I got quite a blunt one like Taylor Swifts picture so it is pretty strong. My boyfriend says he likes it, he’s actually grown really fond of it. I didn’t think he would like it as much as he says he does lol.

  5. Thank you Fash Flood! That is a field by where I live, it was taken back in the Summer when the Rape Seed was there, that’s the yellow stuff! I live in the countryside.

  6. I think the bangs look great. Enjoy them for a while and then grow them out when you want another change. As for hair color, I think one’s natural shade always favors your colors the most, so I’d keep it the way it is. But that is just me…I’ve never colored my hair ever!

  7. Thanks Jen, my natural colour is a brighter blonde but all of my underneath hair has come through which is darker so I really feel like it needs to be lighter at the moment, maybe I will like it more then.

  8. Hi. I still think a pure denim fashion post. (eg, denim shirts with various options) would be great. It seems really fashionable and suit you so much. Do others agree?

  9. Thanks so much for your reaction! You were totally right, I really like your blog!

    I think your hair is very pretty this way!

    Xx Jorien

  10. Hi. Yes a post on denim shirts and what u wear with them would be a great idea. I think your hair is lovely by the way. Look forward to the post. Nic.

  11. I will have to see if I have time to do one of those, I have posted my denim shirt outfits before though, I have some with jeans and one with a skirt, one with shorts etc so you could scroll through and see. And thank you!

  12. I think u look great with the bangs! I cut my fringe two months ago too! Hey and thanx for dropping by our blog and commenting. Your blog looks interesting! Will definitely hang around!

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