After Lunch

This is just a quick outfit post with some snaps that my boyfriend took of me when we went out to lunch at Jimmy Spices last weekend. The lighting wasn’t that great in there though so the pictures of me by the printed wall came out a bit blurry unfortunately. The outside ones are always best because of the light.

I’m wearing my Hudson Nico skinny jeans, a Pins & Needles berry lace top from Urban Outfitters, my River Island boots and my Topshop rainbow ring and beaded bracelet.

I just put this outfit together fairly quickly actually as we weren’t doing much else that day. It was the day after my London trip so I was really tired and my legs were hurting a lot so we kept it simple. For those of you who read my Q&A and are thinking ‘she hates spicy food’ I do hate spicy food, I just pick the non spicy stuff there, ha ha. My boyfriend loves hot food though so he likes it.

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  1. Really cute outfit Lorna, never surprises me what you are capable of putting together and making it look amazing! Love it all especially those boots. x

  2. Thanks Ali! I appreciate that! And for everyone interested, I am not sure if the boots are online still, I think they are but I bought them earlier in the year.

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