My Obsession With Bags

So I thought that I might start doing a few story posts on my blog. I know when I read magazines that I like to read the stories written in there as I find them really interesting. The first one I wanted to write is about my obsession with bags. I know it’s probably something a lot of you ladies can relate to so hopefully you like it! I would love for you to leave a comment and let me know your feelings towards bags 🙂

I never used to be a bag fan, in fact, I used to really dislike the thought of going out and having to carry something extra. I was always worried about losing it, as I can be quite forgetful sometimes or I just didn’t want the general hassle of carrying something heavy. I get back ache quite easily and I have loose shoulder joints so the thought of having to lug around a heavy bag just really put me off. I never understood what the obsession was at all. People would say to me ‘why don’t you like bags?’ or ‘you will change your mind and love them sooner or later’ and I was completely adamant that I wouldn’t. I just thought, they didn’t know me at all, so how could they possibly say those things? Every one is different.

I honestly can’t remember the exact point in my life that my feelings started to change though, I know it was last year or the very beginning of this year and I think it might have something to do with my boyfriend and my best friend from the US. She has a huge love for bags, probably the biggest love I have seen lol and I think some of it may have rubbed off on to me. I know I still had some growing up to do and I think I am pretty much finished with that now though, I don’t go out in the young looking clothes that I used to and I am no longer a huge fan of Rocket Dog shoes and Primp etc so somehow I think the influences around me and the getting older, made me change my mind. Plus the need for actually having to carry things around with me now when I am out, bags can be somewhat useful.

I thought that I might just buy a bag to see what all the fuss was about, so my first designer bag that I bought was my Marc Jacobs bright pink quilted Bruna that I bought from The Outnet, and when I first opened the package, I was so taken aback by the colour, it was shocking and the most brightest pink I had ever seen, but I loved the shape of the bag. I wasn’t sure about it and thought that I should probably just return it, but the ladies on The Purse Forum changed my mind and I am glad they did. Since the Bruna is super heavy and it has to be carried like a tote, I barely wear it. The situation with heavy bags and me is still the same as before, I can’t do them. I think that one needs to be kept for very special occasions. I’m pretty sure though that this was the very start of the obsession.

I then thought to myself, if carrying heavy bags is not for me and I generally don’t have a lot to take out with me, why am I buying big bags? I feel like big bags didn’t suit me anyway as I am quite small so I decided to go looking at the smaller bags, the cross body bags mainly because you technically don’t have to carry those ones, your body carries them for you. This is exactly when I knew they would be perfect for me! I bought a few smaller cross body bags over the next few months, mainly ones from ASOS, Topshop and River Island. Just cheaper ones so I could get used to them and I found that I absolutely loved them! They would look cute and make the outfit look better. I fell in love with a couple of Topshop ones I had. It was then I realised what everyone was on about, I really had been missing out.

I’ve always had a thing for colour and when I used to look online for designer bags, the brightly coloured ones which caught my eye would always be Marc by Marc Jacobs. I love his MbMJ collection because it’s fun and it’s a lot cheaper, so it’s much more in my price range when I save. The next bag I bought, that I love, was my MbMJ Dandelion Karlie clutch and I think that’s the bag that has had the most use out of all of the ones I now have. I love the bright yellow colour and the chain as the strap as well as the shape. It just literally turned out to be the most perfect bag for me!

During this transition, I definitely became addicted to online bag shopping. Not the buying part as most of them were way too expensive, the looking for them part. Browsing online at the new styles and checking the new in or coming soon section has somewhat become a daily hobby of mine. I get so excited when I see a new bag that I like!

I’m also not sure what it is exactly that made me a huge fan of Mulberry though, I think I just developed a crush on the brand after seeing the bags around and online. I remember going into the Mulberry store at the Westfield shopping centre in London and seeing a Watermelon Mini Alexa and I completely fell in love with it! It was so pretty but I never bought it because it had a price tag of just over £500, that’s way too expensive for me unfortunately.

I did develop a crush on the Alexa though and when I went to Kilver Court for the open day, I had saved a lot of money to take with me to the Shepton Mallet Mulberry Factory Shop. I knew that that would be the day where I bought my first Mulberry! I never went with intentions of a specific bag to buy, I just hoped I would see one there and fall in love with it. That’s when I saw the Alexa Clutch in Powder Sparkle Tweed. It was so gorgeous! The way it glistened and it looked so perfect! At one point I almost lost it because another lady had picked it up and I was wishing for her to put it down! Thankfully she did and then I grabbed it and never let go lol. I was lucky enough to get an amazing deal on it too, it was under £300, I love the sales and prices they have there! The Alexa Sparkle Tweed is my favourite bag that I own now, it’s the perfect size and just so pretty! I can’t wear it often though as it’s so delicate, but I love it so much! I was then lucky enough to meet the founder of Mulberry, Roger Saul, he was so nice and I got the chance to do an interview with him for my blog.

I find myself always eyeing the new Mulberry bags though, I check the coming soon section everyday and there is a wishlist I have, but I can’t spend over £300 on a bag (my personal rules) so I think my only place to buy them is the Factory Shop or in the sale! Although the last bag I bought was a MbMJ Berry Percy which I think is so cute! I love the berry colour, but I have developed a liking for classic bags now too, brown ones and neutral colours as you can wear them with anything. I still love the bright colours as they give a pop to an outfit but since I wear a lot of colour in my outfits, I think neutral toned bags are a nice compliment. So the next one I have in mind to get is a Mulberry bag in Oak or Deer Brown, I love those shades!

Luckily my obsession with bags is somewhat kept under control due to the fact that I love animals so much and I wont buy any exotic skins. I wont even buy lamb leather because I sort of had a pet sheep a long long time ago, I never eat lamb either. I think they are beautiful. I only buy regular leather bags so that really does help me save a lot of money and keep my collection fairly small. I do struggle with the regular leather too though since it’s a cow and I love them too. But that’s something that is so hard to avoid, leather is everywhere, it’s even on jeans and pretty much all shoes are made from it as well as everything else. But I do baby my bags now and really look after them so that does make me feel better lol. That might sound crazy to some of you but I am sure it makes sense to others.

So now bags have really become a huge part of my life! I’m currently trying to save for a new Mulberry, there are a couple I have in mind like I mentioned above, so hopefully they will be in the sale soon or I might find them at the Factory Shop. I find I jump from obsessions though, I wrote about my Christian Louboutin obsession before and that one was really bad. Luckily I have a lot more self control now and I know when buying things is a good idea or not! I know I get the excitement now of falling in love with a pretty bag and if I can, buying it, then getting to match outfits to it. It’s so fun! I’m sure you all know what I mean lol 🙂

So let me know if you liked this story post and if I should do more. I’m even open to suggestions on a story you would like to hear and I would love to hear about your bag obsessions!


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  1. Very interesting read, thanks for sharing! I wonder what your next obsession will be, after the shoes now the bags, what next?

  2. Hey Lorna!

    I love mulberry too!! It’s a very practical bag for everyday use. And I love the Net-porter collection article after this one. Stay Fabulous! I am excited to see ur new mulberry collection! Thanks for your comment on our blog! Stay tune with daily updates! Please follow us in Twitter, Facebook and BlogLovin! 🙂

    xx Devi

  3. Great post! 🙂 Even though its quite long, we enjoy reading it. We know how you feel regarding bag obsessions. We just can’t resist buying those gorgeous bags.
    Btw, you have a cool bag collection out there. We like your MbMJ Dandelion Karlie clutch. The details are very beautiful and the color is so attractive. We love it!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  4. Such a cute story! If didn’t use to be a bag fan when you were younger, just imagine that I wasn’t even a fashion fan when I was younger! People change with time, they develop new interests and leave old ones behind, it’s part of the growing-up process everybody kept talking about when we were little, but I think it’s a good thing. We develop our own person 🙂
    Keep up the good work!


  5. I agree with you there actually, that’s why a lot of people lose their childhood friends I think as well, you all grow up different to how we were as a child, develop are likes and dislikes and that’s how it goes. I used to be a tomboy when I was a lot younger so I wasn’t really into girly fashion either but it’s like I did a complete turnaround, ha ha 🙂

  6. Do you have enough bags??? Can any woman have enough bags LOL… Love them all Lorna, espeically pinky/purple tones, lucky you x

  7. hi sweets! you have a great blog, thanks for linking back so i could fin it. i will definetly follow. you have a great thing going on here. i LOVE bags/ purses / clutches/ wristlets, so this post really spoke to me & i love your story post.

    would love to see more of your collection 🙂
    keep in touch!


  8. I’ve loved bags since I was a little girl. I used to raid my mom’s collection, carry one, wear her heels and parade through the house as if I was a grown up lady. I enjoyed reading about your obsession with bags and you have a great collection. Mind if I ask where you purchased the reddish, berry colored one one the bottom far right?
    Also, it’s my first time reading your blog and I really like your overall style. Keep posting!

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