Pictures From London: Big Ben, Abbey & London Eye

Here are the second lot of London photos which include Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the London Eye, the River Thames, parts of Westminster and more. I think I have to say that Big Ben was my favourite, the clock face is amazing! The gold and the black really stands out, it’s so beautiful.

It was really surreal being stood on the famous Westminster bridge that so many people stand on! I loved it! The day was so tiring though, I haven’t been that exhausted in a while but I think it was worth it! There are a lot more photos here so make sure you click this blog post. What area is your favourite from my photos?

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  1. What area, hmm..? I think your smile, because I didn’t see your ASS-area in any picture. You got a lovely smile Lorna! So the smile-picture by the water, just amazing! πŸ˜‰

  2. Looks like you had an amazing day Lorna, your look really pretty, makeup looks fab, outfit wonderful, and the scenery is great, as you say especially Big Ben… x

  3. I don’t know that route, I took the route from Buckingham Palace, past St. James park and then down to Big Ben and the London Eye. I got to see quite a few things!

  4. Thanks Erica! Glad you like it! You should definitely visit! Thanks B. they are my favourite coloured jeans almost, well I have a few favourites!

  5. I lived in London for a summer three years ago. I wish with every bit inside me that I could be back there. I loved it. Seeing these pictures makes me so jealous, but they are lovely. Thanks for the comment on my blog, I look forward to reading yours in the future!! Love your style, and the colour of those pants!!

    xx. Jaime

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