It’s A Boot Thing

I’m really excited and nervous since tomorrow is the day I head to London for the styling session. I have mixed feelings about it but I know it’s going to be great fun! I’ve been feeling really exhausted lately from a lot of stress though so I hope I wont be too tired. This is an outfit I put together for a review on DenimBlog but I ended up really liking it because it’s so simple.

I’m wearing DL1961 skinny Jessica jeans, a Miss Selfridge striped jumper/sweater and a pair of older Topshop boots.

Do you all have any plans for the weekend? I’m planning to wear my new coat that I bought last weekend so I can show it to you all. I’m so excited to style it! I love it! I think it’s one of my favourite coats I own, if not my favourite! And still a huge big thank you to all of my new readers and commenters! I appreciate all of your comments!

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