The Shorts With The Boots

This is just a simple outfit I wore a few days ago when I had to pop to town to get a few things with my mum. I picked up some new Bare Escentuals, some new shampoo and conditioner and also a berry coloured dress and crochet top from Urban Outfitters. I’m sure those last two will be making an appearance on my blog soon! I might plan on doing a ‘what’s in my make up bag’ post too if you are interested?

I’m wearing my Siwy Alexa shorts, a H&M tank top and gold bangles with a Miss Selfridge embroidered top, a gemstone ring by Topshop, my D&G sunglasses, my Ash Jeff Biss boots and my new Marc by Marc Jacobs Percy in Berry Haze.

Also, please excuse that I am a little bloated in these photos, ha ha. I tend to drink a lot more water than usual in the hot weather and it does that to me. This outfit is the first time I have worn my new Percy out too. You can see my post with more pictures of my new bag by clicking here. I’m also beginning to love the combination of boots and shorts now too, I didn’t at first because I thought it made me look short but if the boots are low then I think it looks good.

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Also, look who I met! Lol! It’s actually the first time I have seen this cutout of Bieber in town. It actually looks pretty realistic too!

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25 responses

  1. Lovely outfit, the weather looks gorgeous there too.. Cant wait to see the new dress from Urban Outfitters that you mention, I love the berry colours. x

  2. I thought these alexa shorts were so cute the first time you reviewed them but I’ve only just noticed the zipper detail at the side so I love them even more now. And as always your outfit is super cute, I think the combination of the delicate embroidery of your top and the hardier look of the tribal print on the shorts is a really nice combination. Also your new bag just like your yellow one is so pretty and no you don’t look bloated lol – Beiber looks bloated and a little vacant and spaced out lol, jk πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks Sophia! I appreciate that comment, I’m glad you like it! Yeah the Alexa’s have a zipper on the one side only, they are SO cute! I love them! I definitely felt bloated lol, I thought Bieber looked a tad pale! Ha ha πŸ™‚

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