Celebrity Hairstyles I Love

As you know from my second Q&A I did, I have been quite adventurous with my hair in the past, it’s been a lot of different colours, short, long, mid length, I have had a fringe/bangs and more, but the past few years I haven’t been brave enough to try something new. I did a post back in August 2010 of celeb hairstyles I love and I thought I would do another, updated version.

I like keeping my hair it’s natural blonde colour but I really want to try something new. I think I am too scared to go for a full fringe because I don’t think my face really suits it, I feel like my forehead is too short for a full one. I’ve often had the sweeping fringe but it quickly grows out and I don’t like going to the hairdressers much. I love having longer hair too, I had boy short hair for such a long time and I never want to go down that route again.

I’m loving Hilary’s up do in the photo above, it looks really sexy and fresh. I also love Vanessa’s new short extensions she has had put in, they really suit her! I’ve got a thing for braids too but my hair is so thick and layered the braids never seem to hold up or work on me. I’ve also always adored curly or volumised hair! I think it’s such a nice look. What hairstyles do you like? You can click this blog post to see all of the celeb hairstyles I picked.

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18 responses

  1. I love Vanessa’s style with Rhianna’s colour LOL…. We could all have immaculate hair if we too had out own personal stylist on board all the time… Wishes eh xx

  2. Yeah I think Rihanna’s colour was nice red, only in the nice styles but not when she had side show bob hair! It would be nice to have our own stylist though!

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