Obsessed With Studded Heels

I am obsessed with studded heels lately, I have had this obsession for a while and I think the studs and spikes look amazing on the back of high heels. I got these fuchsia Rock & Republic shoes last year and I think the colour really matches the gunmetal spikes but they are really uncomfortable as they are about half a size too small unfortunately.

I think because heels are glam and feminine, adding studs and spikes really roughens them up a little and makes them more tough looking, I love that because it gives an outfit more of an edge. Sam Edeleman’s versions are really fun and pretty at the same time, I love the ankle boots the most! I am desperate to own those or the flat boots I blogged about before. Do you love them too?

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Last two images courtesy of Coggles.


17 responses

  1. I am not usually a fan of studded shoes but I have to say I could be converted LOL.. I love the shoeboot with the studs that looks really cool, probably one I would wear.. You R & R’s are also really pretty. x

  2. My cousin dropped in the other day on her way to a club and she was wearing a pretty zebra print (or some kind of black and white print) dress and Miss Sixty shoes (I saw the soles lol) exactly like your rock and republics but in red (so gorgeous) she took them off at the door and my dog (who likes to play fetch) ran of with one side. They were about five of us chasing him around the yard that night.

    I love studs and spikes and the like (For a while I had serious jacket lust over the studded burberry jacket Britney wore in her Till the world ends video πŸ™‚ !!! The Sam E booties are lovely but I think the the black pumps might be too dramatic (for me). Because the spikes are the same colour, to me they look a bit Lady Gaga and a little chunky. BTW lol, how do you manage with those fuchsia shoes if they’re too small?

  3. Thanks Sophie! I love the boots the most I think, the heels are quite a lot since there isn’t much shoe to them really. That sounds terrible! Was the shoe ok? And I don’t wear them lol, I will just put them on for about 5 minutes and suffer the pain but I wont wear them out, they are the most painful shoes I have ever tried lol πŸ™‚

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