A Windy Day At The Beach

My boyfriend and I thought it might be fun to try something a little different and catch the train to the beach yesterday. It’s about a 50 minute train ride away but we didn’t think it would be so windy! I know there is always a wind that comes off the sea but I ended up with sand in my hair, my eyes and everywhere else. It was really too cold and ended up being stressful and tiring rather than fun unfortunately.

The one thing I did like the most was the Sea Life Centre though, they had so many different reptiles and fish there! The snake neck turtles were beautiful, I loved the sting rays and the leopard eels too. I love animals so it was definitely my favourite part! I picked up some beautiful crystals at the gift shop too. What did you get up to this weekend?

I’m wearing my new Miss Selfridge PU Leather Biker jacket (which I got this weekend and will show you more of soon), my Altru Go Out Tonight tee, my Paige & Lorna collaboration jeans, my Topshop floral snood, black boots, coral bag and rainbow ring and my D&G sunglasses.

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  1. It is unusual not to get wind at that particular beach LOL… However, you managed to still look lovely in your outfit, I love that biker jacket, think that will have to be a must for me

  2. Love the jacket 🙂 and your bag is adorable – are you going to show us the crystals, they sound really pretty? This weekend was high and low. Usually when I’m back at uni I don’t have time to do much so this weekend was my last chance to have an entire day of shopping. At first it was crazy because I didn’t find anything I really liked or worth its price so I was a bit discouraged but then on the way home we passed through a very out of the way street and there was a small, interesting looking store.I bought the most beautiful blouse with a quirky print (It’s similar to something I saw adele wearing in a picture thats why I instantly loved it lol). Unfortunately when I was trying it on at home in different outfits I snagged a loose splinter of my desk. Its more or less ruined. 😦

  3. Thanks Ali!

    Yeah I will show the crystals at some point Sophie 🙂 I have quite a crystal collection actually. Oh no, that’s so sad you ruined your new top 😦 I’m sorry! Is there any way you can repair it?

  4. All components of your outfit are really nice seperately. But your casual combination is sooo cool (hello D&C sunglasses!) and perfect.
    Adorable that this beautiful flowers repeat your wonderful snoods colours 🙂
    The picture are very beautiful as usual. They awake my wanderslust. On the other hand I strongly dislike sand in my eyes as well. Sorry that wind and flying sand was a real pain for you! Hopefully you will forget about it and just remember all the nice and good impressions of this trip last.
    We had thunderstorms and a drop of temperature here at the weekend as well. It was the first time since months I had cold feet.

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