My New Ray Ban And D&G Sunglasses

As you know, from this post, I was stuck choosing which Ray-Ban sunglasses to get. I wanted something classic but fun at the same time and I think we pretty much all decided on the cats eye shaped tortoise pair (below) which I got in the mail yesterday and I love them! I think I am going to be wearing them a lot! They are beautiful!

I also received, without knowing about it, a pair of D&G sunglasses (above) from a wonderful friend of mine. I have never really been a fan of D&G, usually because their stuff is heavily branded but this particular pair is perfect! There are no noticeable logos and the shape reminds me a lot of the Cats 5000 I wanted in tortoise! Thank you to my friend for sending me these! I’m in love with them! What do you think?

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  1. The cat eyes are just gorgeous on you, you definitely made the right decision. These D&G sunglasses are cool too, the shape is nice on you but you prob already knew that since you have a similar pair. I think though that the cat eyes suit your face shape the best. Really awesome. Lol haven’t made up my mind yet and summer’s practically over. 🙂

  2. The D&G look great and really cool :).
    I think the cats eyes shaped would be look as great at the aviators but with another hair style! I mean they do have an extreme look and suit best with 50s or was it 60s hair styles? But this only my opinion :D.
    Have fun with your new glasses – both suit you very well.

  3. I tried them today with my hair up in a ponytail and they looked really extreme, like really pointy in the corners and I think it looked too much for me lol! I think I prefer them with my hair down 🙂

  4. 😀 Really extreme – oh yes, I know what you mean! You are right. I am totally amazed how different you look with the two sunglasses whose major difference the shape is.
    The aviators are unbeatably cool and the cats eyed are more excentric and playful. Nice contrast.

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