A Sneak Peek At My Jewellery Organisation

I love reading about other peoples closet and storage ideas so I thought I would make a little sneak peek post about how I store some of the jewellery that I wear often. I have hooks on my walls as you can see below, for my necklaces, I also have 2 purple butterfly hooks on my shoe unit for other necklaces but those aren’t pictured. As for my rings, the ones I am wearing often, I keep those in my little wooden drawer set that my boyfriend got me above. It’s actually lined with soft fabric so the rings are kept safe.

For the other jewellery that I am not wearing at the moment, I have a big jewellery case with different sections in it where I keep my bracelets and rings. The bracelets and boxed necklaces go in the big compartment while the rings go on the tray that folds out above. For the bracelets I am wearing, those I stack neatly on my desk. How do you organize some of your other jewellery? And would you like to see some photos of my closet/wardrobe organization too? I have had some requests for it.

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