A Day Out At Kilver Court With Mulberry

I went to Kilver Court on Saturday to the launch event of the new Designer Emporium. They had up to 80% off of loads of things and there was even a sale in the Mulberry Factory Shop! I have been saving for my first Mulberry bag for ages and planned to buy one in London in a couple of weeks time on my birthday, but I managed to pick up the most amazing deal on the perfect bag! The Factory Shop is amazing and I can’t wait to go there again! I even met Roger Saul, the founder of Mulberry, and I will be interviewing him soon!

I’m wearing my Paige Premium Skyline collaboration Lorna jeans, a Topshop cream linen blazer, an All Saints Flamingo tee, Bloch Ballet flats courtesy of Spartoo, and my Marc Jacobs Karlie clutch.

Since Mulberry is celebrating its 40th Birthday this year, they still have their golden Bayswater balloons and the massive inflated one. I love these little things and I adore the cute birds you get on the bag! So, who wants to see what’s inside my Mulberry shopping bag? Anyone? Please click this post to view all of the images.

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  1. It was a dream of mine too until Saturday! The Factory Shop is so cheap, seriously, with the sale on, it’s amazing. And I wont reveal yet what I have, he he! 😉

  2. Thank you Hannah!! That’s really kind of you, I will check out yours too! Oh, I have dreamed about Mulberry too lol! I actually dreamed about the huge event the night before I went so I didn’t get much sleep, ha ha! 😀

    Thanks Tessa! The balloons are really fun!

    Thanks Annabelle! I’m glad you like it! I will have a check!

    I’m going to be revealing what’s in the bag today 😀

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  4. A nice outfit, and all the balloon pictures are lovely, especially the massive one and the picture with lots of them floating around 🙂
    The place looks nice too 🙂

  5. You look so happy in these pictures, and the sun was shining perfectly, the outfit looks great, the balloon bags are fabulous, well done x

  6. Sale in the Mulberry Factory Shop … what a nice way to spend a day in a nice environment with sunshine looking out for a perfect bag … no wonder you are beaming. And all this special little goodies. How nice! I had to smile when I viewed all the pictures.
    You and your outfit look great and the pictures are beautiful. I wonder who does always shot them? Or have you mentioned it somewhere? So I pay you and your photographer my compliments.

  7. Thank you Anette 😀 Did you see the post where I revealed what I got? It was a beautiful day! I have mentioned before in my Q&A I did, my boyfriend takes the photos of me and I take the rest of the photos for my blog 🙂

  8. Oh, yes, I saw it 🙂
    What a pretty little bag. At first sight it looks like a beautiful neutral but then you can see it sparkling. How nice. Good choice. On the pictures you and your new bag look like you have always belonged together 🙂
    How beautiful in combination with the typically Mulberry style with the buckles. I do like this style too (also their classics in leather) and could imagine it goes with a lot of your outfits and wonder when I will detect it on one of your next posts.

  9. Thank you so much Anette! It does feel like it belongs to me, like it’s a bag I have had for a long time, it just feels right 🙂 I think you will detect it on one of my posts next week 😀 It’s my birthday tomorrow so I plan on wearing it then and a few more times this week. It’s so delicate, I have to be careful with it 🙂

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