The Rainbow Skirt With The Denim Shirt

I decided to try something a little different with this outfit. I’ve never really been fond of tight mini skirts because I feel they are too short and can give off the wrong impression, however, pairing it with a light wash denim shirt I feel really tones down the look. I know the skirt is quite contrasting against the denim but I have grown fond of the combination.

I’m wearing my Topshop light denim shirt, an ASOS multi coloured striped mini skirt, my River Island coloured bag, a Lipsy dragonfly ring, H&M gold bangles and my Topshop nude/grey Sugar heels.

I’m so glad the weather is hot again! Today has been roasting, I’m so fed up of the constant rain so it makes a nice change. Although this is my luck, I just bought a cute Lulu Guinness umbrella. Ha ha!

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  1. Lovely outfit Lorna, although personally I think the shirt looks better out rather than tucked in.. But all the colours and accessories go great x

  2. Thanks everyone ๐Ÿ™‚ I think I like it both ways, the shirt tucked in is more smart where as the shirt un-tucked is a bit more sloppy.

  3. funnily, I love the look…. the shirt does tone down the skirt and your shoes are totally hot! they make your legs look like they start from your neck! super long! loving it

  4. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ I do try to make most of my outfits affordable apart from a couple of things here and there I have saved for ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hi. Love the shirt. Really like the look. I prefet it In or relaxed part untucked I’m trying to convince my wife to get a denim shirt but she says it’s not in. I think it is and double denim looks great. I like the look and feel of denim shirts. Are they back in so I can convince her? Nic

  6. Thank you! Denim shirts have been in fashion for about a year now, all of the celebs wear them and pretty much every shop carries them now, they are definitely the shirt to have! If you are going to buy a shirt it should be denim! Get her a lighter washed one so it can go with dark jeans or anything else, it’s easier to match to stuff than a dark denim one. I have a lot of denim shirts, they are definitely really popular! Rihanna was just spotted in hers last week.

  7. Hi. I’m not sure I go for the tired shirt look of rihanna. I prefer tucked in or part tucked in. I think Kate moss did some double denim recently. It’s my wife’s birthday shortly so a bit of shopping due. Do u have any double demim blogg? Love the blogg by the way.

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