Mixing The Florals With The Leather

I haven’t been showcasing my collaboration jeans with Paige much lately because they are not available to buy yet (they will be very soon) but I did decide to wear them out the other day and I still love them. It still feels so surreal actually having a pair of jeans that are going to go on sale! I found another little alleyway to take my photos in as well. I do love the little side streets!

I’m wearing my Paige collaboration Lorna jeans, my Topshop PU leather jacket, my Urban Outfitters ‘Stitch To Wear’ tee, a Topshop floral snood, pink ring and black Miley boots.

I was obsessing over this floral snood on the Topshop website for ages and then finally bought it in the store about a month ago. It’s one of my favourite pieces right now. It adds so much life and colour to outfits but in a simple way. As always more photos if you click the more button below.

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13 responses

  1. Hey you look so great metropolitan youth is the kind of clothes they wear for a date with my ​​friends to shop around the streets of my city … LORNA Hello how are you?

  2. ok LORNA I wish you a good night and tomorrow I think I show you some accessories to dress stylist LAURA BIAGIOTTI(DRESS,JELLY,BAGS)GOOD NIGHT LORNA GOODNIGHT ENGLAND

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