Christian Louboutin Daffodile 160 Styles

The Christian Louboutin Daffodile 160 heels are my favourite of the season! Msr. Louboutin has brought the style out in so many fabrics including strass, leather, exotics, calf hair and satin with lace. I can’t find the satin with lace photos anywhere online but I saw them in the Selfridges boutique in London when I was there a couple of weeks ago. I have included as many styles of the Daffodile as I can find online. I have to say the strass versions or the satin and lace are my favourites out of them all! I first fell in love with them when I saw the Daffodile strass on Beyonce here. Aren’t they gorgeous?

I have now found the satin and lace version, thank you for letting me know it was called Stardust. I have included it in this post, it’s so pretty!

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Images courtesy of Net-A-Porter, Miarmariovirtual, Louboutin and Google.


9 responses

  1. Ok, I think I would probably break my ankle in these…yet I want every pair! But if I only had to choose two the hot pink skin and cheetah print would be must haves. FIERCE!

  2. The Daffodile is epic. It’s hard to find the Satin and Lace photo bc it’s not called a Daffodile. The satin and lace version is call Stardust :3)

    Happy hunting

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