A Few Recent Purchases

Here are a few of my recent purchases. Well, when I say recent, I mean things I have bought in the last month or so but haven’t shown you on my blog yet. The dress above is the dress I got for the wedding, it’s really cute and pretty and I can’t wait to wear it! I’m still in the process of thinking of some shoes and a clutch to go with it though. The ankle boots below, I am thinking of pairing those with some vintage Levi’s cut offs and the new Urban Outfitters tee. You know I love jewellery so those are a few cute things I picked up and I got a floral light weight scarf as well. I also snapped up a high waisted paperbag skirt which I am in love with! I didn’t think I would be but I am! Thank goodness for sale shopping and discounts! Have you bought anything new?

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11 responses

  1. The boots are from River Island, I got them in the sale and with the tee I will wear some Levi’s vintage cut offs, the Urban Renewal ones, I haven’t got them in the mail yet though, I am still waiting 😀

    Thanks Helen! The tee is pretty loose so I don’t know how that would look together, I’ve worn it with a white shirt but I never took photos lol it was too dark!

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