Fashion Event: Behind The Seams

There are a series of different fashion events happening in my city at the moment and today I attended a talk called Behind The Seams: From Design Sketch To Shop Floor. It was really useful and shared a lot of information on what it’s like getting your brand up and running from sketches and finally into the stores. The talk took place in what used to be one of my favourite designer boutiques until it moved, it’s now a really cool designer shop which provides a work space and comfortable environment for young emerging designers as well as stocking well known brands.

I love some of the mannequins on display, the shop window model was decorated with magazine pages folded into little triangles as you can see. I have a fashion show to attend as well with a London Fashion Week organizer, he’s just come from doing 24 shows so that will be really exciting! I have my tickets booked! Enjoy the photos! I’m having a fun time learning about the process of things before I do finally jump in and decide to create my own brand.

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6 responses

  1. Some lovely pictures on there 🙂 I love that paper dress thing. Also I’m very excited too see you have your own jeans brand in the future 🙂

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