The Pixie Boots

I found these boots at the back of my closet when I was looking around on the weekend. I bought them a few years ago and completely forgot I had them! I’m really glad I found them because they are so cute! I’m looking forward to next week and the week after, I have some press days and mini fashion shows to go to as well as a fashion talk with John Walford who has just done 24 London Fashion Week shows! I’m so excited!

I’m wearing my Rich & Skinny denim cargos, a Topshop mink PU leather jacket, a white River Island tank top, my Miss Selfridge leopard print scarf, my River Island pixie boots and my Accessories panda ring.

There is still time left to enter the Ashley Tisdale Cleobella bag giveaway! You can enter here. I have also listed a lot more things on eBay so check out my store here. I always list a lot of designer jeans at really cheap prices when I do clear outs as well as shoes!

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