Hanging Out With Paige =)

So as you know, I went to London two times this week. Once on Saturday and the other on Wednesday. The first time was at Donna Ida in the Westfield Mall, I hung out with Paige there for an hour as she helped customers find the perfect fit with her jeans. The store is really cute and small! It has the most amazing customized patchwork denim chair and a beautiful wall of denim. The wall has little boxed shelves to hold the jeans and it has one of those ladders that slides across like in the old fashioned libraries.

Wednesday was more personal as I went to have lunch with Paige at The Soho Hotel. I finally got to meet Allie from the brand, who I have been talking to for over a year via email. She was so sweet! I also met Donna from Donna Ida and a few other people. We spent a lot of time catching up and chatting about shoes, jeans, clothes and just general things. I’m really grateful to have Paige as a friend, she is like my big sister now. Soon I will be able to tell you something very special that I haven’t been able to share with you just yet, it’s really really exciting and it involves a pair of jeans… That’s all I will say! I’m sure you can probably guess from that clue! Enjoy the photos!

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