Jack Frost

We had incredible temperatures in December, they were apparently our lowest record breaking temperatures we have ever felt here in England. We had ice and frost literally covering everything as well as constant snow that wouldn’t melt because of how cold it was. I can admit I was not very brave and barely ventured out in these conditions at all but I did get some good photos of the trees, icicles, frosted spiderwebs and more inside this blog post! It was very beautiful.

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7 responses

  1. I agree, the snow is very beautiful and it’s lovely how it makes icicles and things but it does become annoying when it gets too bad which is a shame 😦

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  3. It is very pretty, but after a few months of it I’m over it! I’m desperate to wear heels out without worrying about the salt ruining them and if I’ll slip and fall on ice!

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