I Love Cutie Pie Jewellery

I came across I Love Cutie Pie jewellery a couple of weeks ago when I was browsing online. I quickly fell in love with some of the antique designs and the incorporation of clocks into the necklaces and vintage inspired creations. I spoke with the designer of the brand, Danielle, to find out more about it.

Danielle started off by designing vintage clothes as she has a love of all things vintage. She studied Textiles and Art at school and then went on to Leeds University to study knitwear. She also designed a very small jewellery collection of Eiffel tower designs back in 2007 which LOOK magazine featured. Since the feature, it really took off from there and now Cutie Pie jewellery has been featured in a number of leading fashion magazines. Danielle is inspired by everything and anything, it could be a vintage button that she picked up on her travels or someone she see’s in the street just passing by. As Danielle lives in France, she loves to visit the vintage markets every weekend which are a great source of inspiration for her. She always ends up coming home with far too many things though! Danielle has always been very creative, she told me she has half finished projects all over the house and she can’t imagine life without designing.

I always love getting to know the designers and their inspirations as well as their backgrounds. I’ve put a few of my favourite pieces in this post and they are all available to buy on her website, here. The best part is that they are not expensive at all! I adore that tea pot! It’s on my wish list!

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