MET Looks Like Leather Lover

I’m becoming more and more obsessed with these jeans/pants as the days go by. To me they are just perfect in every way and I love them so much! This is the second outfit post I have of these in about a week, you can see the previous outfit by clicking here. This one is definitely a little more subtle and simple.

So how are things going for you in the new year so far? Everything seems to be looking up for me finally, I’m hoping things will start to go right from now on. I did kind of break my ban and buy a few things (while online shopping) which are in the mail right now so hopefully those work out! I’m never any good when I am on bans, ha ha. I always find when you try to not buy anything, that’s when everything you wanted just starts popping up out of no where!

I’m wearing my MET Becky Eco Pelle leather look jeans/pants, my Smitten oversized chain sweater, my Topshop Salma black heels and my Topshop bracelet my boyfriend gave me for Christmas.

I still can’t believe I am in the middle of re-doing all of my clothing arrangements too, it’s taking so long! My room was in a state as I was just sleeping with boxes and piles of clothes and shoes, ha ha. It’s terrible. My room definitely looks more in order now though, and with my plans, it should look great by the time it’s finished and really tidy! Hopefully!

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  1. THUD…..I just hurt my head, I fainted, I,m In love with this outfit! I’m not sure it can be topped….I could think of one addition that would improve, but why mess with perfection! Love you girl!

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  3. hola chica i read yur blog and and thought it was muy bien i am a first time blogger about fashion and love your style. although i a only 14 i love to shop and make my own statements with what i wear. your blog is awesome 🙂 i am very muc into ashion and will be posting pics as soon as i can btw please give me advice on how to have a successful blog btw check out my first blog ever 🙂

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