Animal Face Hats

Animal face hats have become a huge favourite of mine this season! They have got more and more popular as the months go on and I am always seeing people in town with pandas or bears on their heads. I think they are really cute and add so much character to a plain outfit, animal hats are just so fun to wear! I’ve got 3 at the moment, 2 koala hats and one cat hat. I’m going to add a panda to that collection when I can, haha. I love pandas! I’ve put together a selection of my favourite animal hats online and where to buy them 🙂

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River Island Grey Bear Beanie.

Topshop Suprised Bear Beanie.

River Island Patch Eye Black Dog Hat.

ASOS Grey Bear Face Beanie.

River Island Orange Tiger Trapper Hat.

River Island Beige Panda Hat.

River Island Khaki Raccoon Beanie.

ASOS Cream Bear Face Beanie.


10 responses

  1. They are SO adorable Lorna 😀 U look soooo cute! U need a SpiritHood next so you can BE the animal 😉 XoX

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