It’s a Diesel Auto Matic 81M

I thought it was about time I shared with you one of my old loves, my Diesel Matic 81M jeans. I got these at the very end of 2006, so they are actually one of the oldest pairs I have but they are still one of my favourites. This is the exact pair of jeans that made me fall in love with Diesel all those years ago. The wash is incredible and the fit is my favourite. I have had about 8 pairs of 81M Matic pass through my hands over the years and each wash is so different.

I’m wearing my Diesel Matic 81M, an ASOS purple top, my Zara cream coat, my ShopAkira Enigma purple heels, a Topshop double finger Love ring and a Topshop love hearts necklace.

These are the beautiful shoes that I got sent as a gift from ShopAkira, which you can see here. I adore them so much! They add so much colour to my outfits and they are really comfortable, surprisingly.

These 81M jeans are a bit tight on me now though, especially in the butt area, but they fit everywhere else. I included, at the bottom of this post, some photos from when I first got them and also another pair that I did my denim DIY on and turned into shorts for the Summer a couple of years ago. I’m also really loving double finger rings at the moment!

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And here are the photos from a very very long time ago. I think the first photos are from early 2007, the second photos were taken in 2008 and the shorts are from 2009. I actually do have a pair of these jeans for sell on eBay, a size 28. Not this exact pair I am wearing though, those are a 26 but they definitely fit like a 28 anyway ha ha.



12 responses

  1. I found your style very inspiring, thanks to you and your posts i venture myself to wear skinnies and now i love them *__* Your shoes in this post are LOVELY!! greetings from Mexico

  2. Always lovin it! Amazing as ever! Heels are stunning, your curves are perfect, and i just can’t compliment you anymore…

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